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8 Ways Through Which Traveling Can Expand Your Consciousness And Make You A Better Person

Have you ever wondered about the reasons why you should travel? I did! A while ago, a set of cartoons has seriously grabbed my attention and made me want to understand more of this wonderful experience called “life”.


From my point of view, it summed up the definition of “A picture is worth a thousand words”: a man who has spent most of his life following various doctrines is given one day a plane ticket.


Realizing there’s nothing to lose, he takes it. He then travels throughout the entire world. In the end, he replaces all the historical and religious pictures he had hanged on his walls with those of people he had met during his travels or places he had seen.


This made me wonder: isn’t traveling meant to do just that? Make us better, more courageous persons?


I’ve never been much of a traveler myself up until my twenties. Still, life has drastically changed ever since my first wanderings throughout the world. In case you wonder how, take a look at the list below.


8 amazing reasons why you should travel the world


1. There’s always someone out there for you


Reasons why you should travel the world



During my first travels, I often time had this feeling that, if I venture into the wilderness of the world by myself, then I should at least keep myself as far from strangers as possible. After all, aren’t we all taught this ever since childhood, that it’s better not to talk to strangers?


However, the more I traveled, the more people I saw smiling at me. And sometimes, a simple smile can mean the world for an exhausted traveler. It is one of the reasons why you should travel!


2. There are great people that come but don’t necessarily stay


Life is transient, and so are people. On a trip to Switzerland a few years ago, I was given the opportunity to meet some amazing people. On the way back to our country, the bus suddenly stopped.


There was smoke coming out of the engine. The guide told us we must wait at least a day and a half until another bus can take us home. We settled for it as there was nothing else for us to do. But here comes the nice part: we had the luck to stop near some small hotels in the Austrian Alps.


Their owners came to us and told us they can offer us some food and a warm bed for the night. At first, I was surprised. We had no money to pay for our stay, and you do need a lot of confidence to let some strangers inside your home for free. But they welcomed us and treated us as if we were old friends.


Another great lesson traveling can teach you is that there are some great people out there that you will meet, but who will only come to say hi and then go their own way. Having the opportunity to meet amazing, kind people is one of the main reasons why you should travel!


3. You realize you don’t know as much about life as you have thought


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There are billions of people all over the world with such distinct characters you would be amazed. If you thought that you can read a person based on your experience with your ten co-workers and the twenty members of your family, then think again.


You would be surprised to find out that what in a country is regarded as usual and common-sense, in another is rude.


4. Suddenly, getting lost is not as bad as it seems


Traveling can teach you a thing or two on how to become more adventurous. It is one of the reasons why you should travel. Because let’s face it. At some point during the travel, every one of us took the wrong bus. Then, we reached for a place we didn’t intend to see in the first place, but which left us in awe.


So, get lost! There’s no other way to put it, honestly. Often times, the best places aren’t the ones in a traveler’s guide.


5. You step out of your comfort zone


This is probably the one reason that should make you buy that plane ticket. Stepping out of your comfort zone might sound terrific for many of you, introverts. However, while traveling, you won’t have any time to lose.


Reasons why you should travel the world



You will act more openly with each person who crosses your way. At some point, you’ll realize you feel comfortable with pretty much anyone, which will make your travels even more interesting.


6. You learn that life is meant to be lived


Anytime, anywhere. And through traveling, you learn that you must live it fully and fiercely, as there is only that much of it. So don’t waste any more time thinking whether you should book that plane ticket! If you have some money for it and to pay for a place to stay over the night, then you have more than enough.


7. You get to try new stuff


Traveling is, in itself, one of the most exciting experiences someone can have during a lifetime. You find yourself in a new city, and all of a sudden it feels as if you were in a whole other world.


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But here comes the fun part: you’ll look at everything through the eyes of a kid. All of a sudden, the most mundane things like picking something from a restaurant’s menu will feel as interesting as riding the coolest car in town. Doesn’t it make a good reason why you should travel?


8. You realize there are no limits to it


What might seem like complete madness in the eyes of some, equals freedom in those of others. Ever wondered how would it be like to feel limitless? As if you can embrace this whole wide world in your tiny arms? Well, traveling might be the answer to all your questions!


There is one quote by Mary Anne Radmacher which I think fits this article wonderfully. It goes like this: “ I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.”


Go Travel, The Halal Way


Find that spark and inspirations within you and fuel it with dreams and desire! And realize just how important it is to live life with an open heart that is able to connect with people. I’ve had my fair share of travels myself, and I can tell you this much: there are a few things in life that will impact you as much as traveling will. 🙂


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