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8 Unusual Muslim Friendly Beaches You Have Probably Never Heard Of

Waikiki Beach in Hawaii, Phi Phi Beach in Thailand, South Beach in Florida, and Surfer’s Paradise in Australia are some of the famous beaches in the world. Sure, they are pristine and beautiful but they are also quite…common. Why not discover something new today? Let us look at the 8 Muslim friendly beach holidays that you should experience. Some of these beaches, you have probably never heard of before! Each one of them is unique and special in their own interesting ways!


8 unusual Muslim friendly beach holidays that you should know and consider


1. Whitehaven Beach in Australia


Located on Whitsunday Island, Whitehaven Beach is an award-winning beach (e.g. Queensland’s Cleanest Beach and World’s Most Eco-Friendly Beach) that has a white sand beach and crystal clear ocean water.


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It is a well-preserved beach as it is a part of Whitsunday Islands National Park. Plus, it is also a part of the famous Great Barrier Reef!


2. Maho Beach in St. Maarten


Lying on the sand while watching a parasailing soar above you? That’s normal and, let’s be frank, nothing to boast about. How about this? Sitting on your lounge beach chair and watching Boeing 747 airplanes fly a few meters above you? Now, that’s epic!


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This is the kind of experience that you can enjoy at Maho Beach in St. Maarten. The beach is situated right next to the Princess Juliana International Airport.


3. Glass Beach in California


The next Muslim friendly beach holidays is in the USA! Glass Beach that is situated in Fort Bragg, California, is another unusual beach that can leave you awestruck. Here, the beach is covered by glittering and colorful glass pieces, and surprisingly enough, those gems are actually man-made.


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The beach is a former dump trash site and Mother Nature has magically turned the trash into gorgeous glass treasures. Simply amazing!


4. Bioluminescent Beach in Maldives


If you think glow-in-the-dark beach only exists in the fantasy world, you might want to think again. Bioluminescent Beach in Maldives is one of those beaches in the world that emits beautiful blue light display when the day turns dark.


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Those blue lights are bioluminescent planktons that naturally glow when hit by the ocean waves (or in the researcher’s words: the planktons glow because of stress.) It is definitely one of the Muslim friendly beach holidays that you should experience.


5. Black Sand Beach in Hawaii


A soft white beach can be quite cliché, so here’s something totally different for you – Black Sand Beach. The name totally gives it away. It is a beach in Maui, Hawaii, that has black sand due to the existence of a mineral called basalt. It is created by lava that flowed into the ocean and eventually cooled off.


Best beaches in Hawaii America for Muslims



Many tourists come to Hawaii and seek to take photos and selfies at this black sand beach. On your lucky days, you might even spot green turtles on the beach! Interesting facts: 1) besides the white and black beach, there is also a green beach in Hawaii. 2) there are several black sand beaches in other parts of the world. It is all up to you to travel and explore each one of them!


6. Hot Water Beach in New Zealand


Another unusual beach in the world is in New Zealand and it is called Hot Water Beach. This is the place where you can sit near the ocean and enjoy the natural spa. Why? Because this beach is not just a regular beach, it is a geothermal beach. It can go as hot as 64 degrees Celsius!


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All you need is a good, old shovel and a pair of strong hands. Dig your own pool and enjoy a warm, relaxing spa session at one of the Muslim friendly beach holidays destination – Hot Water Beach!


7. Hidden Beach in Mexico


In Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, there is a spectacular beach situated in a huge hole on an island! The hole was created by one of the bombing practices done by the government of Mexico back in the early 1900s. The bomb practices have created many caves and rock formations on the island.


Best muslim friendly beach holidays in the Mexico



Today, the Mexicans call this beach “The Beach of Love” as the hidden beach provides quite a romantic hideout for loving couples and newlyweds.


8. Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas


Pink Sand Beach in the Bahamas is another unusual beach that offers a unique offering to the visitors. Here, the sand beach is neither white nor black – it is pink! The light pink sand is due to the broken pink seashells, rocks, corals, and other mineral materials like calcium carbonate.


Muslim friendly beach holidays in Bahamas



It is a perfect place for those who love something rare. Now, who would have thought that beaches can be so colorful? Besides the Bahamas, you can also find pink beaches in Italy, Indonesia (image above), Philippines, and Greece.


So, there you go! The 8 unusual beaches you have probably never heard of before, that offer a unique Muslim friendly beach holidays experience! These gorgeous and unique beaches remind us that the world is a beautiful and mysterious place. Muslim travelers, let us take the time to travel, explore and expand our horizon!


What about you? Which beach would you like to visit? Share with us your thoughts in the comment box below.

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