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30 Travel Goals to Accomplish Before Hitting 30

Every decade of our lives is a milestone, one way or the other. So, why shouldn’t we make the best of it while we’re still there? If traveling is your secret love, then follow these travel guides for Muslim travellers and discover the top 30 things that you must accomplish before turning 30!


Travel guides for Muslim travellers – Here are the 30 things that you should accomplish before you turn 30!


1. Visit your native country


What could be a better start for your life as a backpacker than discovering your home country first? And while doing so, don’t be surprised to find out just how much beauty there was but no one wanted to see it. It is so important that we list it as the first item in these travel guides for Muslim travellers!


2. Try the local cuisine


While foie gras or sushi might sound expensive and extravagant, why not give your country’s dishes a shot first?


3. Visit a new country each year


Top Muslim friendly destinations in Japan



Start with the ones close to you; also, you might want to browse the internet for those that can be a real paradise for budget travelers.


4. Visit all continents


Each is unique in its own way, so why not see all? A lifetime sounds, at the end of the day, like a pretty much long period. So, in these travel guides for Muslim travellers, we recommend you to plan your travel trip and cover all continents in the world!


5. Face your fears and go to a place that makes you feel you’re at the end of the world


Antarctica rings a bell? Or maybe Hawaii? Why not both?


6. Go on a cruise


Travel guides for Muslim travellers - Halal friendly and luxury ship cruises



The Earth is generous to people from this point of view, and there are so many seas and oceans to pick from.


7. Try the local transportation means of each country


While in Thailand, do what a Thai would ride – Tuk Tuk! When in Indonesia, ride a Gojek! You get the drills, ride what the locals ride.


8. Learn some new words


In these travel guides for Muslim travellers, we also recommend you to visit a foreign country. Visiting new countries might come in handy for your vocabulary. You don’t even have to learn fancy words; a simple Hola! will go a long way.


9. Buy yourself a piece of clothing from every place you have visited


Small things, like a scarf or a pair of socks, might be the funnier alternative to the usual fridge magnets.


10. Spend at least a night at a luxurious hotel


Top halal friendly hotels



Maybe lush life wasn’t made for everyone’s pockets, but you can definitely save some money and feel royal, even if it’s just for a night.


11. Make a habit of trying new dishes every other day during your travels


The secret is to find low-cost restaurants or, better off, try the local Halal food. The chefs you so much admire don’t praise it for anything.


12. Visit a place where one of your favorite movies was shot


Chances are you won’t feel like a movie star, but isn’t it amazing that your idols have seen the same view decades ago?


13. Take photos


Reasons why Muslim travelers take photos while traveling



The more, the better!


14. Play with that dolphin


Cause, aren’t they just cute?


15. Swim in all the oceans of the world


Yes, we’re talking about the Arctic one as well. Still, if you don’t feel brave enough to start with that one, then stick to the warmer waters in the beginning.


16. Safari


We’re pretty sure there’s no greater way to discover Africa.


17. Get lost in the Amazonian jungle


Muslim friendly holiday experience in Brazil



Oh, the beautiful rainforest!


18. The northern lands


If you’re not much of a winter person, then try going during the summer months.


19. Hike the Inca trail


Follow in the footsteps of this amazing ancient civilization accompanied by a local guide.


20. Take photos of the Egyptian pyramids


Travel guides for Muslim travellers - Pyramid in Egypt



Yes, they might enjoy excessive media coverage, but it’s definitely for good reasons.


21. Climb one of the higher mountains


Maybe not the Everest, although it would be a real adventure. You can start with the highest peak of your country and go from there.


22. The Trans-Siberian railway


In these travel guides for Muslim travellers, we also would like to recommend you exploring the Trans-Siberian Railway. The most gorgeous of views to see during an astonishing eight-day journey? Sounds perfect to us!


23. Visit Morocco


Where else in this whole wide world will you see that intense blue matching the color of the sky?


24. Backpack throughout India for a few months


Best Muslim friendly holiday destinations in India



India is a major touristic attraction, especially for backpackers, both thanks to its diversity and low-cost life. It is definitely one of the Muslim friendly destinations that you must visit before turning 30.


25. Camp under the starry sky


Take a blanket, some snacks, and your best friends, and spend a great night under a sky with a billion stars.


26. See the seven wonders of the modern world


Don’t be afraid of the avalanche of tourists that visit them every day. A good idea would be to look for pieces of information on what’s the best time of the year for you to go there while avoiding the bustle.


27. Take a friend with you


Because life is so much better with people by your side!


28. Don’t be afraid to venture by yourself


However, life is equally beautiful if there are only you, a backpack and a camera to capture all the special moments as well.


29. Go to at least one major festival a year


Travel guides for Muslim travellers - Mardi Gras festival



Mardi Grass, the Brazilian carnival or the Holi are just a few of them.


30. Live in a foreign country for at least a year


Turn that childhood dream into reality and find yourself a nice place to stay in your favorite country.


The thing about life is, it passes us by anyway, whether we choose to do something with it or not. Take full advantage of every second of it, and make a list with goals to be accomplished today!


So, how do you like these travel guides for Muslim travellers? Do you have any other travel ideas that you think we should achieve before we turn 30? Share with us in the comment box below! 🙂

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