Travel guide to Budapest for Muslims

Muslim’s Comprehensive Travel Guide To Budapest Hungary

Impeccably preserved Art Nouveau buildings, lovely cobblestone streets, and growing Muslim community make Budapest one of the ideal places in Europe for Muslim travellers to visit. If you are still confused and do not know where to go for your next long holiday, we suggest you consider this capital city of Hungary. Use this travel guide to Budapest for Muslims and enjoy visiting its top attractions, staying in its top hotel, and dining at the best Halal restaurants in the city!


Travel guide to Budapest for Muslims – Enjoy a great, memorable Halal vacation


Budapest is a lively and fun city to visit. Since it is home to several UNESCO Heritage Sites, you can expect to be busy hopping from one place to another. First, let us see some of the reasons why other Muslim travelers love to travel to Budapest.


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Top reasons to visit Budapest


  • Amazing architectures. At just about any corner of the city, you can see beautiful buildings, mostly built back in the 14th or 15th century. Art Nouveau, Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque are some of the stunning architectural styles.
  • Scenic nature and city views. Budapest has several hills that offer a panoramic view of the park and city. Most buildings in the area are not allowed to be higher than 96m tall, so there’s no obstructed view!
  • Long and fascinating history. There are several museums and historical landmarks that you can visit to learn about Budapest’s history – from Roman and Austro-Hungarian empires to Communist regime.
  • Plenty of Halal restaurants for Muslim travellers. In the heart of Budapest, you can find Halal food. Most of them are Middle Eastern, Turkish, and Pakistani food.
  • Mosques are available in Budapest. Finding a mosque in this city is not totally impossible. Budapest Mosque, Masjid Dar Al-Salam, and Masjid Al-Huda are some of them.


Muslim friendly hotels in Budapest for you to book


As one of the top cities in Europe that welcome thousands of visitors every year, Budapest has a lot of hotel options to offer to the travellers.


In this travel guide to Budapest for Muslims, we have selected a few hotels that can be considered as Muslim friendly. They are located right in the heart of Budapest and near Halal restaurants.


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1.  Budapest Marriott Hotel


One of the best Muslim friendly hotels in Budapest that you can choose for your holiday is the Budapest Marriott Hotel. It offers a spectacular view of the river and city.


There is also vegetarian breakfast for Muslim travellers. Plus, it is situated near a Halal eatery place, Al-Amir Restaurant.


  • Address: 1052 Budapest, Apaczai Csere Janos u. 4, Hungary
  • Nearest Metro station: Vorosmarty Square Metro Station


2. InterContinental Hotel Budapest


InterContinental Hotel is also one of the top Muslim friendly hotels in Budapest that you can stay at during your Halal holiday in Hungary.  It offers a fantastic view of the river and castles in the city.


This five-star hotel is located near to several famous places such as Vigadó Concert Hall, Buda Castle, and State Opera House. You can also have breakfast or lunch at the nearby Halal restaurant, Al-Amir.


  • Address: 1052 Budapest, Apaczai Csere Janos utca 12-14., Hungary
  • Nearest Metro station: Vorosmarty Square Metro Station


3. Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace


Top hotels in Budapest - Four SeasonsSource:


Would you like to pamper yourself during your Halal European vacation in Hungary? Then, you should choose the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace. It is a luxurious five-star hotel in the city that can provide an enjoyable stay for you and your family.


Here at Four Seasons Hotel Budapest, you can request vegetarian meals in advance. You can also enjoy Halal food at a nearby Halal restaurant such as Al-Amir. From your hotel room, you will enjoy the beautiful view of the city and the iconic Chain Bridge.


  • Address: 051 Budapest, Széchenyi István tér 5-6., Hungary
  • Nearest Metro station: Vorosmarty Square Metro Station


4. Hotel Palazzo Zichy Budapest


Set in a 19th-century building, Hotel Palazzo is another Halal hotel in Budapest that you can book. It is a four-star hotel that promises comfort and pleasure to its guests.


If you are to stay here, you can easily walk to some of the nearby attractions such as the Hungarian National Museum and Great Market Hall. Plus, you can also dine at the Halal restaurant that is situated close to the Hotel Palazzo, Curry House Restaurant.


  • Address: 1088 Budapest, Lőrinc pap tér 2., Hungary
  • Nearest Metro station: Corvin-negyed Metro Station


Halal restaurants in Budapest Hungary


There are plenty of Halal restaurants in Budapest that you can dine at during your Halal vacation in Hungary. In this travel guide to Budapest for Muslims, we have selected some of the best Halal eateries in the city.


Halal restaurants in Budapest - Al AmirSource:


Make sure to refer to this Muslim’s travel guide so that you know where to eat during your travel in Budapest.


  • Al-Amir Restaurant. Syrian food.
    • Signature dishes: Hummus, baklava, Shish Taouk, and Aleppo Kebab
    • Address: 1052 Budapest, Petofi Sandor utca 18, Budapest, Hungary
    • Phone number: +36 1 266 0662


  • Baalbek Lebanese Restaurant, Lebanese food
    • Signature dishes: Lamb kebab, Mezze platter, and Sanousek
    • Address: Vaci utca 34, Entrance: Kigyo utca Side of the Building, Budapest 1052, Hungary
    • Phone number: +36 1 799 7303


  • Titiz Turkish Restaurant, Turkish food
    • Signature dishes: Beef kofta, chicken shawarma, and Turkish coffee
    • Address: Bajcsy-Zsilinszky ut 60, Budapest 1054, Hungary
    • Phone number: +36 70 213 4218


  • Bangla Bufe Premium, Bangladeshi/Indian food
    • Signature dishes: Veggie pakora, chicken curry, and mango lassi
    • Address: Akacfa utca 40, Budapest 1072, Hungary
    • Phone number: +36 1 266 3674


  • Curry House, Indian food
    • Signature dishes: Butter chicken, biryani, and naan bread
    • Address: Horanszky utca 1., Budapest 1088, Hungary
    • Phone number: +36 1 264 0297


Interesting places to visit in Budapest for Muslim travellers


In this travel guide to Budapest for Muslims, we will guide you on which top places that you should visit during your Halal holiday in Budapest, also known as “Paris Of The East”. During your sightseeing, make sure you stop by at these places to complete your trip to this beautiful city!


1. Hungarian Parliament Building


Travel guide to Budapest for Muslims - Parliament HouseSource:


Most of the top attractions in Budapest involve stunning architectural buildings that are rich in history. The Parliament building is one of them! It is one of the biggest parliament houses in the world – you should not miss visiting this place.


Sign up for the tour so that you can also enjoy its interior and have a look at the Domed Hall,  Golden Staircase, and Congress Hall.


  • Address: V Kossuth Lajos tér 1-3
  • Opening hours: 8am-6pm Mon-Fri, to 4pm Sat & Sun
  • Ticket fee: 5200/2600Ft


2. Great Synagogue


Great Synagogue in BudapestSource:


Great Synagogue is another top place in Budapest where you can marvel at its excellent architecture. Do you know that it is the largest Jewish house of worship in the world?


It boasts a blend of Roman and Moorish architectures. On the other side of the synagogue, you will find the Holocaust Tree of Life Memorial.


  • Address: VII Dohány utca 2
  • Opening hours: 10am-8pm (closing times may vary)
  • Ticket fee: 4000/3000Ft


3. Memento Park


Memento Park in BudapestSource:


Budapest is home to many statues which were mostly built during the communist era. One of the top Muslim friendly places in Budapest, Memento Park, is home to about 40 statues! Here, you will see statues of Marx, Lenin, and Stalin!


  • Address: XXII Balatoni út & Szabadkai utca
  • Opening hours: 10am-dusk
  • Ticket fee: 1500Ft for the walking tour


4. Basilica of St Stephens


Travel guide to Budapest for Muslims - Top Attractions St StephenSource:


There are many beautiful basilicas in this city that you can visit. Basilica of St Stephens is the famous basilica and has become the iconic landmark of Budapest. Here, you can look at the stunning architecture of this neoclassical cathedral.


  • Address: V Szent István tér
  • Opening hours: 9am-7pm


5. Royal Palace


Muslim friendly Royal Palace BudapestSource:


A trip to Budapest will not be complete without a visit to the Royal Palace. It is one of the grandest buildings in the city due to its massive size and amazing architecture. Royal Palace is also known as Buda Castle.


History has it that this royal palace has seen numerous constructions – being demolished and built several times throughout its existence! Castle Museum, Hungarian National Gallery, and National Széchenyi Library also reside in this palace and open to the public.


  • Address: Szent György tér 2, 1014 Hungary
  • Opening hours:  10am–6pm (for the museums)


Other top Halal friendly places to visit in Budapest


Thermal baths in BudapestSource:


You can also visit the following Halal friendly places during your Halal holiday in Budapest:


  • Castle Hill
  • Heroes’ Square
  • Fisherman’s Bastion
  • Liberty Monument
  • House of Terror ( a museum)
  • Hungarian State Opera House
  • Museum of Fine Arts
  • Citadella
  • Trapéz (art gallery)
  • Széchenyi Spa (thermal bath)
  • Ecseri Flea Market
  • Margaret Island
  • Great Market Hall
  • Danube Promenade (Danube river bank)


Mosques in Budapest Hungary for you to visit and meet the local Muslims


Mosques in Budapest - Travel guideSource:


The city has several mosques that Muslim travellers can visit as there is a small minority of Muslims living in Budapest.


In this travel guide to Budapest for Muslims, we are sharing with you a list of mosques in the city. You can stop by at the following mosques to pray and meet the locals.


  • Budapest Mosque: Fehérvári út 41, 1119 Hungary
  • Masjid Dar Al-Salam: Bartók Béla út 29, 1114 Hungary
  • Masjid Al-Huda: Dobozi u. 21, 1086 Hungary
  • El Nour Center: Dózsa György út 6, 1071 Hungary
  • Élö Anatólia Kultúrális Alapítvány: Golgota út 4, 1089 Hungary


Travel guide to Budapest for Muslims


We hope that this travel guide to Budapest for Muslims has shown you which Muslim friendly hotels to book, where to get Halal food in Budapest, and which attractions to visit.


Have you been to Budapest before? Do you have any other tips for the fellow Muslim travellers out there? Share your experience with us by putting in your thoughts in the comment box below. We appreciate your inputs! 🙂


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