travel guide to amsterdam for muslim travellers

The Ultimate Muslim’s Travel Guide To Amsterdam, Netherlands

One of the most beautiful and Muslim-friendly cities in Europe has got to be Amsterdam. This city is so stunning and charming that it has always been included in many travel bucket list. If your next adventure will bring you to this beautiful City Of Bicycles, then you should equip yourself with this ultimate travel guide to Amsterdam for Muslim travellers!


We will show you what fun activities you can do, which Muslim-friendly hotels to book, where to get tasty and cheap Halal food in Amsterdam and many more beneficial tips for avid travellers like you! So, let’s keep reading this travel guide to Amsterdam for Muslim travellers.


Why must you visit Amsterdam at least once in your lifetime?


There are so many solid reasons why Muslim travellers should at least visit Amsterdam once in their lifetime. Being a traveller requires you to explore the world, and Amsterdam has everything that a great city has to offer.


travel guide to amsterdam for muslim travellers



Below are the top 8 reasons why you should never miss visiting this capital city of the Netherlands:


  1. Halal tourism in the Netherlands is flourishing. As a Muslim, you will feel comfortable having a holiday in this city, thanks to its abundance of Halal food, Muslim-friendly hotels, beautiful mosques, and active Muslim communities.
  2. No language barrier. Don’t worry if you don’t speak Dutch. Everybody here can speak English very well, so you can easily navigate your way while exploring Amsterdam.
  3. Beautiful architecture. When you look at travel magazines or online websites, you’ll see many beautiful buildings (and windmills!) that represent the Netherlands. When you are here, you’ll be amazed looking at all these amazing architectures.
  4. You’ll never get bored. While having a Halal holiday in Amsterdam, you will find yourself active and busy exploring the town. Bicycling around the city, cruising the canals, visiting the museums and art galleries, trying the tasty Halal food, and visiting the mosques are some of those activities!


More reasons for Muslims to visit Amsterdam!


  1. Stunning nature. You will also enjoy walking in one of the beautiful parks in Amsterdam (there are more than 30 parks in this city!), looking at gorgeous tulip flowers, and visiting the picturesque countryside.
  2. Halal restaurants are easy to find. Don’t worry about having to starve while vacationing in Amsterdam. There are plenty of Halal restaurants in town that you can try. Also, let’s not forget about the cheese and chocolate factories – yummy!
  3. Shopping! Need for us to say more? There are many top shopping malls and huge department stores for you – yes, we are talking to you ladies! Dam Square is one of the best place to shop.
  4. Excellent transportation system. Getting around is very easy. You can either take the train, tram or rent the bicycle.


Indeed, Amsterdam has so many things to offer to Muslim travellers. The city is clean and beautiful, the people are English-fluent and friendly, and it offers enough facilities to Muslims tourists.


Now that you are convinced to visit this beautiful city, let’s see which Muslim-friendly hotels you can book to enjoy a pleasant stay with your family or friends.


Muslim-friendly hotels in Amsterdam Netherlands that you can book


In this travel guide to Amsterdam for Muslim travellers, we will share with you a list of hotels that can cater to your needs as a Muslim tourist. Some of these European hotels serve Halal breakfast to their guests. Others serve vegetarian food, so that’s ideal for you as well.


Note from Mr & Mrs. Halal Travel: We recommend you to confirm again with the hotel on the day of your arrival whether they still provide this Halal menu or not.


1. Via Amsterdam Hotel


muslim friendly via amsterdam hotel



It is a modern 3-star hotel that provides value for your money. It is located about 1.6km from Amsterdam Arena, so getting around will be easy for you and your family. The hotel serves gluten-free and vegetarian meals to their guests.


  • Address – 20 Diemerhof Via Amsterdam, 1112 XN Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Perks – Easy access to Metro and train, free Wi-Fi, excellent service.


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2. Hotel Larende


It is another Muslim-friendly hotel in Amsterdam that you can book for your holiday. The tram station is only a minute away, so you can explore the city easily with no hassle. Plus, the hotel serves Halal food to their guests!


  • Address –  De Clercqstraat 115, Oud-West, 1053 AJ Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Perks – Near to many attractions like Madame Tussauds, Dam Square & The Anne Frank House, gluten-free and Halal food, free Wi-Fi, soundproofed rooms.


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3. B&B Helmers


If having a stay at a hotel that serves Halal food is a must for you, then you can also consider B&B Helmers. The hotel provides gluten-free, vegetarian, and Halal food to their guests. Also, it is centrally located in the city centre.


    • Address –  Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat 59IV, Oud-West, 1054 BT Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Perks – Near Vondelpark (only 350m away) and Van Gogh Museum (800m), near a tram station, free Wi-Fi, terrace to enjoy the city view.


To enjoy all the perks at this hotel, click here to check the best prices and make an online booking.


4. Grand Hotel Downtown


Grand Hotel Downtown is also one of the best places to stay in Amsterdam for Muslim travellers. This four-star hotel offers complete room amenities, strategically located in the downtown area, and also serves Halal food!


    • Address –  Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat 10A, Oud-West, 1054 BR Amsterdam, Netherlands
    • Perks – Modern rooms, free Wi-Fi, provides travel tour services, tram stops are about 5-minute walk, about 10-minute walk to attractions like Museumplein and Leidseplein.


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5. Hotel Atlanta


Located right in the city centre, Hotel Atlanta is the best hotel to book in Amsterdam if you’d like to stay close to downtown. With its excellent location, you can walk to the Flower Market, Kalverstraat shopping centre, and Dam Square. The hotel also serves Halal food upon request!


  • Address –  Rembrandtplein 8 – 10, Amsterdam City Centre, 1017 CV Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Perks – Right in Rembrandt Square, affordable price, free Wi-Fi, beautiful boutique style hotel, only a few steps to the tram stop.


If you’d like to stay near the city and enjoy Halal food at the hotel, click here now to check the best prices and book!


Travel guide to Amsterdam for Muslim travellers – 5 Top places to visit and things to do


If you are wondering what are some of the top attractions that you must visit or things that you need to do while having a Halal holiday here in the Netherlands, then you should follow this ultimate travel guide to Amsterdam for Muslim travellers!


1. Visit Anne Frank House Museum


halal holiday anne frank house museum



One of the most famous Muslim-friendly places you can visit in Amsterdam is the Anne Frank House Museum. Here, you can learn a little bit about the history of the World War II and discover more about the story of Anne Frank.


The Anne Frank House is the actual hiding place of Anne and a few other people during the WWII. Here, you can see the diary she wrote, visit the cafe and bookstore that are in this museum.


  • Address: Prinsengracht 267, located near Canal Belt area
  • How to get there: Tram line 13, 14, 17 (stop station: Westermarkt)


2. Enjoy a canal cruise, preferably at night


amsterdam canal boat cruise



Another thing that you can do while in Amsterdam is to take the cruise at the canal. It is almost a must-do activity and if you missed it, a trip to Amsterdam will not be complete!


You can take one of the boat tours (which usually takes about an hour to complete) and learn many interesting facts about the city, its buildings, and history as you cruise the canal.


You can either do this activity during the day or at night, but we feel like the ambiance is nicer at night with the well-lit canal – they make beautiful photos!


3. Visit some of the museums in town


muslim friendly places in amsterdam rijksmuseum



Do you know that the city of Amsterdam is home to about 75 museums? If you are into history, art or learning anything new, then head over to Rijksmuseum, the national museum of Dutch.


This huge museum stores numerous Dutch arts and masterpieces from popular artists like Vermeer, Rembrandt, and Van Gogh. Plus, don’t forget to visit its research library. The size of this library is amazing!


Plus, you can also go to the Van Gogh Museum (the building looks splendid!) and the Stedelijk Museum.


4. Explore the historic district of Dam Square


Travel guide to Amsterdam for Muslim travellers Royal palace



There is one Muslim-friendly place in the Netherlands that gives you the opportunity to visit many attractions in a single area – the Dam Square! There are several historical landmarks that you can see in the Dam Square. One of them is the Royal Palace.


There are also Madame Tussauds, Dam Square Monument, and New Church. Plus, you can also find many shopping stores and small vendor stalls selling tasty and cheap street food. Don’t forget to try their chocolate waffles while you are there!


Note from Mr & Mrs. Halal Travel: If you are here in April, you can attend the Tulip Festival that is often held at Dam Square.


5. Venture a bit out of Amsterdam and visit small villages in the countryside


muslim friendly asmterdam countryside zaanse



If you are having a holiday in Amsterdam for several days and have an extra time to spare, why don’t you venture out of the city and visit Netherland’s gorgeous countryside?


You can take a train and ride for about half an hour to stop at one of the beautiful little towns such as Zaanse Schans, Volendam, Marken, or Edam! You can soak yourself in the traditional Dutch culture, and also marvel at the beautiful river streams, flowers as well as windmills – very relaxing!


10 Other fun things to do while in Amsterdam


Besides than going to the Halal-friendly places we mentioned above, you can also opt to do the following fun things during your vacation in Amsterdam.


  • Rent a bicycle and ride it around town
  • Shop at Amsterdam’s biggest street market – Albert Cuypstraat
  • Take pictures at “I Amsterdam” statue
  • Stroll in Vondelpark while sipping a cup of coffee
  • Visit Jordaan and explore the small and quaint streets
  • Go cheese tasting at Old Amsterdam Cheese Store
  • Visit Amsterdam Zoo (if your kids love looking at animals!)
  • Go shopping at The Nine Streets or locally known as De Negen Straatjes
  • Visit the Bohemian area called The Pipe or De Pijp
  • Go to one of the mosques in town (check out the below section in this Travel Guide to Amsterdam for Muslim Travellers)


Note from Mr & Mrs. Halal Travel: Try to avoid going to the Red Light District in Amsterdam as the place is not Muslim-friendly.


Keep reading this travel guide to Amsterdam for Muslim travellers to learn more about which Halal restaurants and mosques you can visit while in Amsterdam.


Top Halal Restaurants in Amsterdam


halal food in amsterdam sham restaurant



As mentioned earlier, getting Halal food is not a big issue in Amsterdam, Netherlands. You should know that Islam is Amsterdam’s second biggest religion. There are many Muslims in the city of Amsterdam and is expected to become the largest religious group in the next few years!


In this travel guide to Amsterdam for Muslim travellers, we will share some information on the popular Halal restaurants that you can go to.


  • Ali Ocakbasi Restaurant – Turkish food, Herengracht 558, 1017 CG Amsterdam, The Netherlands, +31 20 233 4588.
  • Sham Restaurant – Arabic food, Warmoesstraat 36, 1012 JE Amsterdam, The Netherlands, +31 20 358 5908
  • Paloma Blanca Restaurant – Moroccan food, Jan Pieter Heijestraat 145, 1054 MG Amsterdam, The Netherlands, +31 20 612 2003
  • Maydanoz Restaurant – Greek food, Ceintuurbaan 9, 1072 ER Amsterdam, The Netherlands, +31 20 676 1195
  • Wau Malaysia Restaurant –  Malaysia & Asian food, Zeedijk 35, 1012 AR Amsterdam, The Netherlands, +31 20 421 2487


Mosques for you to visit in Amsterdam


travel guide to amsterdam for muslim travellers - beautiful mosques in amsterdam



The Muslim community is flourishing in Amsterdam, so it comes as a no surprise to see several big and beautiful mosques in the city. Some of the mosques in Amsterdam that you can stop by to meet the locals or to pray in are:


  • El Tawheed Mosque – Jan Hanzenstraat 114, 1053 SV Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Westermsokee – Piri Reisplein 101, 1057 KH Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Nour Mosque – Witte de Withstraat 96, 1057 ZG Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • Moskee Voor Marokkanen – 2011 PR Haarlem, The Netherlands
  • Taibah Mosque – Kraaiennest 125, 1104 CE Amsterdam-Zuidoost, The Netherlands
  • Islamic Faith Foundation – Rozengracht 150, 1016 NJ Amsterdam, Netherlands


Travel guide to Amsterdam for Muslim travellers – Your online tour guide!


As you have learned from this travel guide to Amsterdam for Muslim travellers, there is plenty to see and do in this beautiful destination. Your trip will never be dull, and your stomach will never be empty.


Visit all the famous attractions mentioned above and enjoy dining at one of the Halal restaurants in the city.


If you think we have missed any interesting or important points about visiting Amsterdam, Netherlands, drop us a comment in the box below. We appreciate your feedback! 🙂


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