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8 Hot Tips for Actually Sleeping on a Plane

Flying by yourself, without a friend to keep you entertained might prove to be nerve-wrecking most of the times. This, unless you have found out the secret on how to enjoy this miles-above-the-earth experience before reaching your beautiful destinations. If such is the case, then please share it with us. However, if you have yet to discover it, then we have some hot tips on how to make the best out of your time while in a plane; specifically how to sleep on a plane! Here are the top 8 tricks on how to enjoy a good sleep and reach the destination fully rested.


8 effective tricks on how to sleep on a plane that you can try


1. Find a place next to the window


You might be new to airplanes, but you most definitely have taken a long bus ride at least once in your life. Let say it was the feeling in your gut the one that urged you to pick the window seat, and what a good decision that was.


Muslim friendly travel tips for backpackers how to sleep on a plane



Not only were you able to see the views better, but you also could at some point prop your head against the window and even fall asleep. Things are not that different when it comes to a plain.


The basic rule to ensure a fairly good sleep it to opt for the window seat. This way, you don’t run the risk of leaning your tired head on the shoulder of an angry neighbor. Also, you won’t be disturbed every time someone wants to go to the bath.


2. Pick a place that’s on “your” side


So, how to sleep on a plane? You might be a right-side sleeper. Or, the only way you can fall asleep is if you stay on your left side. This is a principle to follow while you’re in a transportation mean as well.


Usually, what works for you in your bedroom, whether we talk about stretched feet or crossed arms, works in an airplane as well.


So, if you were lucky enough to book the ticket and pick a seat beforehand, you might as well choose one that will provide you with a good place to rest for the following hours.


3. Headrest is the keyword


Best and easy ways on how to sleep on a plane



For many, in pretty much any situation which involves traveling. A headrest is the surest solution for a good sleep in case you didn’t get the seat you wanted. The U-shaped neck pillow can offer you the comfort you so much sought after, but there’s a trick to it.


Forget what you’ve seen in movies. The secret is to flip the pillow around. This way, your neck will enjoy full support and you won’t have to worry that the occasional jerking will wake you up. And, that my friend, is how to sleep on a plane!


4. No pillow, no problem


There are a few essential items to bring with you during your plane travels. As popular as it might be, you might skip the pillow out of mistakes. But don’t worry as we are sure you already own these things and you packed them in your hand luggage: a scarf, earplugs and a mask.


The first is useful as a pillow replacement, so the bigger, the better. The second item will block any outside noise and chances are you will fall asleep even easier while listening to music.


The third is to impede any source of light from disturbing your sleep. Most people prefer a dim light when they want to rest. By using a mask, you’ll have that.


5. Get comfortable


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The last thing you want is to feel how your skinny jeans wrap around your thighs or how the turtleneck has become unusually suffocating. We’re not saying you should bring your teddy bear printed pajamas or your house slippers.


However, you can definitely feel comfortable wearing loose clothes while looking nice at the same time. Also, don’t forget to bring a sweater with you as the air inside the plane might get really chill at some point.


6. Less is more

It would be great if, out of a 7-hour long flight, you could sleep 6 of them. Still, why be unrealistic when the chances for this to happen are rather small? Instead, you can aim for shorter periods of sleep that alternate with the ones you’re awake in.


Generally, your body knows just how much rest it needs in order to feel energetic. Therefore you shouldn’t expect too many hours of continuous sleep, especially given that a plane is not exactly the place to easily accommodate in for this daily life aspect.


7. Pay attention to what you eat


We’re talking here about the food you buy before embarking on a plane. Any fat food or that excessively sweet is bound to make you feel uncomfortable and make you use the bathroom more often than usual.


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In addition, try skipping soda or drinks which contain caffeine. Instead, opt for more relaxing teas such as the chamomile or lavender ones.


8. Try lavender


While you might as well try the traditional, over-the-counter medication that you can get from a drug store, there are more natural and equally effective ways to fall asleep.


Of course, the scientific aspect can easily be brought into the discussion, with so many studies being conducted on lavender’s amazing properties, but you’re probably not interested in it.


So, we have to tell you just that: a few drops of lavender essential oil poured on your neck pillow or scarf promotes deeper relaxation and was shown to decrease blood flow.


While on a plane, take into account these 8 hot tips on how to sleep on a plane. Some might work, and others might not. One thing is for sure: you have nothing to lose while trying them. Good luck!


Do you have any other tips on how to sleep on a plane? Something that has always worked well for you while flying on a plane? Share with us in the comment box below.

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