Rome travel guide for Muslim travellers

A comprehensive Rome Travel Guide For Muslim Travellers

Rome is a beautiful ancient city that is always flocked by tourists. Avid travellers seek to explore its enchanting, well-preserved ruins, vibrant piazzas or main squares, fun museums and galleries as well as quaint cafes. Are you planning to visit Rome soon? Check out this Rome travel guide for Muslim travellers. We will show you which popular attractions in Rome you should visit and where to get Halal food during your trip to Italy!


Rome travel guide for Muslim travellers – Basic info on Rome, Italy


As Italy’s capital city, Rome is one of the most visited cities that has many things to offer to those who visit her. Plus, it is also one of the Muslim friendly cities in the world, ideal to be visited by Muslim travellers.


Before you embark on your journey, make sure you equip yourself with this essential information.


  • Rome uses Euro (€) as its currency. Credit cards are accepted but most small cafes or shops prefer cash only.
  • The best time to go to Rome for a Halal holiday is from April to June, which is a Spring season. Plus, you can also choose to visit Rome during Fall season from Sep to Oct. Many festivals are held during these two seasons. Summer in July-August can be too hot.
  • Rome is on Western European time (GMT +1)
  • Learn a few Italian words to impress the locals. “Buongiorno” is Hello, “Per Favore” is Please, “Grazie” is Thank You and “Arrivederci” is Goodbye.
  • Most popular tourist places in Rome is accessible by foot. But feel free to buy tickets or travel pass to get access to its public transport. You can either buy it at the kiosks or purchase it online.


Why should you visit Rome during your Halal holiday?


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In this Rome travel guide for Muslim travellers, we will show you some reasons to visit Rome. Besides being one of the oldest cities in Europe, Rome is also quite a Muslim friendly city.  Now, if you are wondering whether Rome is the ideal destination for you, check out the reasons below.


  • A great place to learn about Roman empires. Take on its travel tours and learn about its interesting history and watch the iconic ruins with your own eyes. Pantheons, Colosseum, and Roman Forum – they are all majestic and will blow your mind!
  • Fascinating architecture. In Rome, you can witness great architecture at every turn. Its temples, churches, ancient ruins – they all display grand and amazing architecture.
  • Fun gastronomic adventure. When in Rome, be like the locals and savour a cup of coffee, pasta, and gelato while taking a break from the tour.
  • A laid-back and relaxing holiday. You tend to have a slower pace of holiday when in Rome, just like the locals. Enjoy sitting at the squares while enjoying your gelato and doing some people or fountain watching.
  • Muslim friendly holiday. There are several Halal restaurants in Rome that you can try. Plus, there is also the Grand Mosque of Rome for you to stop by, meet the local Muslims, and pray.


Muslim friendly hotels for Muslim families and travellers


In this Rome travel guide for Muslim travellers, we have hand-picked several Muslim friendly hotels in Rome. Pick one of these hotels that can make your Halal holiday in Italy a pleasant one!


Halal friendly hotel in Rome - St RegisSource:


1. The St. Regis Rome


One of the top hotels in Rome that you can pick is The St. Regis Rome. This luxurious five-star hotel is tastefully furnished and offers state-of-the-art room equipment. For Muslim travellers, you can book Halal meals in advance. A copy of Qur’an may also be provided upon request.


  • Address: Via Vittorio Emanuele Orlando 3, Central Station, 00185 Rome
  • Nearby attractions: Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, National Museum of Rome


2. UNA Hotel Roma


UNA Hotel Roma is a four-star hotel that is ideal for Muslim travellers. It is located in the heart of Rome, so visiting attractions in the city is very easy to do. The hotel provides vegan and vegetarian meals for breakfast. You can also dine at one of the Halal restaurants that are situated near UNA Hotel.


  • Address: Via Giovanni Amendola 57, Central Station, 00185 Rome, Italy
  • Nearby attractions: Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Roman Forum


3. Hotel La Fenice


Hotel La Fenice is also one of the best Halal hotels in Rome that you can book during your trip to The Eternal City! Here, you can request for Halal food and a prayer mat. It is also located near to many Halal restaurants such as Peri Peri Grill Halal, Termini Halaal Food, and King Pizza.


  • Address: Via Giovanni Amendola 57, Central Station, 00185 Rome, Italy
  • Nearby attractions: Spanish Steps, Colosseum, Trevi Fountain


4. Quality Hotel Rouge et Noir


If you’d like to escape the hustle and bustle of Rome and stay somewhere a little bit out of the city, then we suggest you stay at Quality Hotel Rouge et Noir. It is one of the Muslim friendly hotels in Rome that can provide a prayer mat and remove alcohols from the mini bar upon request. Al Aqsa Jame Mosque is also located not far from Quality Hotel.


  • Address: Via Cosimo De’ Giorgi 8, Tiburtino, 00158 Rome
  • Nearby attractions: Ospedale Pertini


Halal restaurants in Rome, Italy


You might be wondering, is it easy to get Halal food in Rome? Well, let’s just say finding Halal restaurants is not totally impossible.


Halal food in RomeSource:


Actually, there are several good options for Halal eateries in this Eternal City. We will share with you some of the top Halal restaurants in this Rome travel guide for Muslim travellers.


1. Ciro Kebab


Ciro Kebab is one of the best Halal restaurants in Rome that you can try. Take a break from your busy travel schedule and try one of their kebabs. They are big and tasty. Plus, the price is also not expensive. It is definitely a must-try!


  • Address: Via Dei Castani 251/A, 00171 Rome, Italy
  • Phone number: +39 340 911 3093


2. Ali Baba Restaurant


Where can you get a Halal barbecue meal in Rome? At Ali Baba Restaurant! This Halal eatery serves delicious Mediterranean meals. Their signature dishes include doner chicken kebab, hummus, and Turkish coffee.


  • Address: Via Dell’Arco di Travertino 27, 00178 Rome, Italy
  • Phone number: +39 06 8897 9701


3. Peri Peri Halal Grill


If you are visiting the Trevi Fountain and feeling hungry, then you should head over to Peri Peri Halal Grill. This Halal restaurant in Rome serves juicy and tender chicken grill, known as Peri Peri Chicken. You can also order biryani rice with the chicken to fill your stomach. They taste really good!


  • Address: Via della Mercede, 40A/41, 00187 Rome, Italy
  • Phone number: +39 06 678 6427


4. La Via Della Seta


Falafel, hummus, and baklava are some of the Halal food that you can order when dining at La Via Della Seta in Rome. This cozy and small Halal eatery serves authentic Syrian cuisine and many previous visitors loved their great taste. We think you should give it a try too!


  • Address: Via Dei Coronari 143, 00186 Rome, Italy
  • Phone number: +39 06 6830 7438


5. Luna Caprese


Would you like to have a Halal pizza or pasta while having a Muslim-friendly vacation in Rome, Italy? Then, try dining at Luna Caprese. It is located to many main attractions in Rome and serves delicious Italian food like lasagna, pizza, and spaghetti bolognese. The food is tasty and fresh as they are made to order.


  • Address: Via Rasella 130, 00187 Rome, Italy
  • Phone number: N/A


Places you must not miss visiting while in Rome


A trip to Italy will not be complete if you do not visit the following top places in Rome. Make sure you include these top attractions in your itinerary to get a full experience of the ancient city!


1. Colosseums


Top places in Rome - ColosseumSource:


The great ancient ruin of Colosseums is very synonymous with Rome. It is a well-preserved Roman amphitheater and a gladiatorial arena that was inaugurated back in the AD 80.


If you’d like to visit Colosseums and sign up for its guided tour, make sure you buy the online ticket beforehand and come early in the morning to avoid the long queue.


  • Opening hours: Opens every day except on Christmas, 8.30am – 7 pm (the closing time varies based on the seasons)
  • Ticket fee: €12, free on the first Sundays of the month
  • Nearest train station: Colosseo Station


2. Vatican City


Muslim friendly Vatican citySource:


When having a Halal trip in Rome, you should also visit the world’s smallest state, Vatican City. Here, you can enjoy taking pictures at the St. Peter’s Square, entering the St. Peter’s Basilica and visiting the Vatican Museum (where you can see Michelangelo’s masterpiece).


Just like most top places in Rome, you should make the effort to arrive in Vatican City as early as 8am to avoid the crowd and long queues.


  • Opening hours: Opens every day 9am – 6pm (the closing time may vary)
  • Ticket fee: €17
  • Nearest train station: Risorgimento – San Pietro Station


3. Trevi Fountain


Muslim friendly places in Rome - Trevi FountainSource:


Trevi Fountain is perhaps one of the most photographed fountains in the world. We all have seen it in many travel magazines and movies. So, make sure you visit this legendary attraction while in Rome.


Besides looking at the fountain (and people tossing coins into the fountain!), you can also enjoy relaxing and taking photos at the nearby piazza (squares).


  • Nearest train station: Barberini Station


4. Pantheon

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Another great place in Rome where you can marvel at the amazing architecture is the Pantheon. It is a former Roman temple that has now been used as a church.


Besides its impressive architecture, the circular building is also famous for its perfect built proportion; the diameters is equal to its height at 43.5 metres.


  • Opening hours: Opens every day 9am – 7.30pm
  • Ticket fee: free
  • Nearest train station: Termini Station


5. Roman Forum


Roman Forum in Rome ItalySource:


Roman Forum, also known as Foro Romano, might not be as famous as the Colosseum, but it is still a worthy attraction to visit. This site offers an amazing look at the ancient Roman architecture.


Here, you can see the government houses, shrines, and monuments. To get a full understanding of the history of Roman Forum, it is best if you get a tour guide that will fill you in with all the important story and details of this beautiful place.


  • Opening hours: Opens every day, 8.30am – 1 hour before sunset
  • Ticket fee: €12, free on the first Sundays of the month
  • Nearest train station: Venezia Station


Other interesting places to visit in Rome


Besides than the top attractions above, you can also visit the following places in Rome:


  • The neighbourhood of Trastevere
  • Basilica di San Clemente
  • Piazza Navona
  • Palatine Hill
  • Castel Sant’Angelo
  • Spanish Steps
  • Piazza di Spagna
  • Palazzo Colonna


Rome travel guide for Muslim travellers – Mosques in Rome


Rome travel guide for Muslim travellers - The Grand Mosque of RomeSource:


Try to meet the local Muslims when having a trip to Italy by visiting one of the mosques in Rome. We are sharing the list in this Rome travel guide for Muslim travellers.


  • The Grand Mosque of Rome. Also known as Moschea di Roma. Address: Viale Della Moschea 85 Rome, Roma Italy.
  • Masjid An-Nur. Via Posidonio 14 00176 Rome Italy
  • Al Aqsa Masjid. Via dei Durantini 98 00157 Rome Italy
  • Mosque Al Fath. Via della magliana 76 00146 Rome Italy
  • Masjid Al Rahman. Via Padre Agostino Fioravanti 105 00132 Rome Italy


The best time to go to these mosques and meet the locals are during the prayer times and Jumuah prayer on Fridays.


Additional tips for Muslim travellers in Rome Italy


Halal food in Rome – CoffeeSource:


  • Taxi can be a bit expensive in Rome, so always choose train as your main transport to go from one place to another.
  • When in Rome, don’t miss to try their coffees. Cappuccinos are often served in the morning; they are seldom ordered by the locals in the afternoon and onwards.
  • If you feel like having a coffee at night, try to order caffè or caffè macchiato. According to the locals, they aid digestions. 😉
  • Most top cafes and shops are closed during the summer (in August). Plus, the weather in August tends to be very hot and humid.
  • When you order food, try to speak a few Italian words. If you’re lucky, you might get a free coffee or lemonade!
  • Do you know that you can drink directly from the water fountains? They are clean and refreshingly cold!
  • Skip the long line at the Colosseum or museums by purchasing your tickets online. That’ll save you time from having to queue at the ticket counter or kiosk.


Rome travel guide for Muslim travellers


Enjoy a fun and somewhat laid-back Halal holiday in Italy by using this Rome travel guide for Muslim travellers. It is a vibrant and sprawling metropolitan city that offers beautiful architecture and well-stocked art galleries and museums for you to visit.


With its interesting mix of old and new, quaint cafes, plenty of Halal restaurant options, and several mosques to visit, Muslim travellers will have a great time vacationing in Rome.


Have you been to Rome before? Did we miss anything in this Rome travel guide for Muslim travellers? Share with us by putting in your comments in the box below. We’d love to hear your stories! 🙂


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