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7 Reasons Why Travellers from Malaysia are the Smartest Muslim Travellers

These days, Malaysia does not need any introduction. It has become a household name amongst the foreign tourists for good reasons – the beautiful country and melting pot of cultures. However, seldom do we talk about the Malaysian travellers as travellers themselves. Even though we love our country, we also love to travel the globe to experience and soak the cultures of others. Here are the 7 reasons why travelers from Malaysia are the smartest Muslim travelers.


7 reasons that will make you fall in love with Malaysian travellers


1. We Know the Way to People’s Heart – By Being Friendly and Polite


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Ok, so we might not be the smartest travelers on earth – this is me trying to be humble – but we do have an edge. After being so accustomed to being a host for other tourists in our country, we have learned to be friendly and polite.


Just like most of the people of Southeast Asia, being polite and friendly are just in our traits. That’s how we get to the hearts of other peoples. When you are polite and likable by many, it is easy to travel around.


They will show you directions, give you great discounts, and would not mind take a selfie with you!


2. We Know How to Bargain


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The Malaysian travellers can also be considered as one of the smartest Muslim travelers because we know how to bargain.


It is the custom of the locals to banter whenever we buy at the small markets. And, of course, we will bring along that skills as we maneuver our ways in the Grand Bazaar in Turki or flea market in Australia or the USA.


3. We are Technologically Savvy


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Most of the Malaysians own smartphones and we are very much technologically savvy. As a traveler, we also take advantage of the latest mobile apps to find the best bargains on hotels, flight tickets, and even shopping discounts.


We also love to use it to find the nearest mosques, the locations of Halal foods and the direction of the Kiblah whenever we go to a foreign country, say Korea or Europe. This ability allows us to travel without a hassle and save lots of time and money while at that!


4. We are Bilingual Folks


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One of the reasons why Malaysian travellers are the smartest Muslim travelers has got to be the fact that most us can speak at least two languages. Thanks to the multiracial populations – Malay, Chinese and Indians – as well as numerous ethnicities from Sarawak and Sabah, the Malaysians can speak several languages.


The ability to speak our own mother-tongue language as well as English (it is our second main language), we can travel anywhere without facing a major communication barrier.


5. We Know How to Cut Traveling Cost


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If the Americans are well-known for their hitchhiking, we Malaysians do it in a different way. Since there are Malaysians all around the world – the embassy people, the students and those who work overseas –, we love to get in touch with them before starting our trip.


All we need to do is to inform them that we are traveling to that country and the next thing we know, they will be waiting at the airport to pick us up!


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By doing this, we can cut our traveling cost because we can now stay at their houses and have them to take us on a tour. These people know where is the best place to go and where to find the Halal food. They even cook for you. There is no need to pay a professional tour guide when you have these friendly Malaysians!


6. We Are Not Afraid to Try Unique Cuisines


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As a traveler, you should be able to mix with the locals by trying to speak their language, go where the locals go every day, and eat what the locals eat. Thanks to our extensive lists of local foods, we are very much exposed to all kinds of flavors. I mean, we are proud of our Durians, we even call it the king of fruits!


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So, whenever we travel to other countries, we are not afraid to take a bite of that smelly tofu from China or take a sip of the Luwak Coffee from Indonesia or have a taste of the spicy kimchi from Korea.


7. We Love to Travel In Groups


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We are a society of collectivism after all. We love to eat in groups, we go Umrah in groups, we go for a backpacking in groups, and we even get lost in groups! This makes us a smart traveler because we can share the cost together.


The locals call it ‘tong-tong’. So, whenever we go for a backpacking to New Zealand or the UK, we would rent a car or a caravan and split the rental fee. We truly believe that the more, the merrier – even in traveling!


As Malaysians, we do not only love to welcome foreign visitors to our country, but we ourselves love to travel and explore other places. We carry our identity and personalities wherever we go.


These traits help to make our traveling easier and more fun. The fact that we know how to communicate, bargain, cut costs, use technologies to our advantage and not afraid to try new things make Malaysian travellers one of the smartest Muslim travelers in the world!


If there’s anything I have missed out, please don’t hesitate to drop it in the comments box below!

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