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Reasons For Travelling – Signs You Were Meant To Take The Road

Not everyone has that taste for adventure. Chances are, from all the people you know, most of them would happily live their lives in one city without missing much of the outside world. They don’t truly understand the reasons for travelling.


However, there are some souls for whom traveling is the quintessence of living fully and joyfully. If for some a life half loved is one-half lived, then for others, a life which lacks the beauty of a trip equals an unlived one.


You might have found yourself in this description. Maybe your soul is in search of something which it can obtain only at the other end of the world.


In the words of Peter Hoeg, “Traveling tends to magnify all human emotions.” If such is your case, then there were signs you were born a traveler long before you first took the road. Let us see what are some of the main reasons for travelling.


7 reasons for travelling that will convince you to pack your bag and explore the world!


1. You developed a strong liking for foreign cultures since young


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At the age children play with their dolls and cars, you might have found books more interesting. Not every kind of book, let’s make it clear, but a specific type, full of colorful pictures of ethereal places you only saw in your dreams.


Then you grew up, learned how to read, and started finding out things about those civilizations. Those countries that were miles away from you while you were little were all of a sudden not that distant anymore.


Nor did you feel like a stranger when you thought of venturing yourself in some of them. If for some, the newest puzzle was the fun thing to play with, you found it infinitely more fascinating to read about the Spanish museums or the gorgeous streets of France.


2. You’ve always been more of a Geography person


I, for one, fell madly in love with all the documentaries on National Geographic. I often times believe this happened long before I even uttered my first word. Still, it wasn’t until my college years when I met my Geography teacher that my liking for this domain grew.


It somehow extended and managed to take over pretty much every area of my life. As a result, a few years later I would find myself traveling the country and turning into the person that modifies the maps I used to carefully inspect while I was little.


3. Curiosity killed the cat


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People say, but they forget to mention that satisfaction brought it back. You can easily recognize the people who are meant to travel the world. There’s some kind of spark in their eyes that makes them seem like curious children at times.


If you feel like you’re a child at heart, regardless of your age, then the desire to travel must have been a constant part of your life since… forever. You might find it hard to settle for a single place or one type of food.


Or, you might cringe at the fact that there are people who have never felt the desire to see new countries. In either case, one thing’s for sure: unlike others, you definitely have it in your blood. It has become one of your reasons for travelling.


4. Money is not the keyword


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Some people save for most of their lives so they can buy a nice house and then settle. But, it doesn’t seem like much of an issue for you to work for a few months and then waste all the money on a well-deserved trip. You’d go on a budget-friendly backpacking trip, if you have to!


From your point of view, these are details that you can easily overlook. Whereas you can do something else with your economies, traveling is always the first thing to come to mind.


5. Fear is not a word in your vocabulary


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The world can be a harsh place at times. There are wars, illnesses, and poverty, and one cannot deny they are part of today’s reality. Even so, there are some safety measures that, if taken, can help you with your trips such as vaccination.


Also, if a country represents a danger for tourists, then chances are you won’t be allowed to go there. If such is the case, then you can as well book a ticket.


In the worst case scenario, you won’t get to see that place you so much have wanted to, but don’t worry. There are many other locations that you know are waiting for you.


6. You keep it all on a low


From the money to invest in a place to stay overnight to the essential things to be taken, you know every detail of it.


Should someone ask for a piece of advice in this exact moment, you would provide him with a list in no time. The latest tricks on how to make your journey the best ever? You know them all!


7. It’s what you like to do the most


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You would do it all the time. As someone once said, “ If traveling was free, you’d never see me again”. You’ve always lived by it as if it was your personal mantra. It becomes one of your reasons for travelling.


The great thing about people like you is that the world feels like a place with endless possibilities where anything wonderful can happen. And thanks to those like you, the world is a kinder and more beautiful place.


If the travel bug has bit you, then follow your intuition and find out more about that country you’d like to visit. After all, the great adventures in the history of the human kind have begun with a single step and a curious heart.


What about you? Do you have other reasons for travelling? Share with us in the comment box below! 😀

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