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33 Stunning Photos of Muslims Celebrating Eid All Around the World

After fasting for a month in the Holy Month of Ramadan, Muslims all around the world claim their victory by celebrating Eid. Fasting throughout the day – from dawn to dusk – requires tremendous willpower, self-discipline, and Iman (believer’s reasoned faith).


And, of course, after 30 days abstaining from food and drinks during the day, we all deserve a “little” party. From California to China or UK to Malaysia, these photos show how Muslims celebrate Eid all around the world!


33 stunning photos of Muslims celebrating Eid ul-Fitr all around the world – these will make you smile!


1. A view from the top of a Muslim community in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia performing Eid prayer inside the National Mosque


Malaysians celebrating eid in national mosque Source: Tribune-intl.com


2. Muslim community performing Eid prayer together at Dinamo Soccer Stadium in Romania. Aren’t you going to join them, kiddo? 😀


Muslims in romania celebrating eid ul fitr Source: Npr.org


3. Friends hugging each other in Philadelphia, USA, on the morning of Eid as a sign of happiness. This image just brings a smile to your face, doesn’t it?


eid around the world Muslims in america Source: Npr.org


4. Muslims waiting for the balloons to be released on Eid Day at El-Seddik Mosque in Cairo, Egypt


Muslims celebrating eid in cairo egypt Source: Businessinsider.my


5. A beautiful view of Filipino Muslims celebrating Eid by performing morning prayer outside of the Pink Mosque in Maguindanao, Philippines


eid in the philippines manila Source: Abc.net.au


6. A man playing fireworks on top of a building in Gaza City as one way of celebrating Eid


Muslims celebrate eid in gaza palestine Source: Nationalgeographic.com


7. What a beautiful morning in Ankara Turkey! The Muslims are getting ready to perform Eid prayer at Kocatepe Mosque


celebrating eid in ankara turkey Source: Nationalgeographic.com


8. Sufi performers displaying their whirling meditation to the crowd in Beirut, Lebanon


celebrating eid in beirut lubnan Source: Nationalgeographic.com


9. Muslims in Birmingham, UK, performing Eid prayer together at Small Heath Park


celebrating eid in birmingham uk Source: Mirror.co.uk


10. Men eating together in a tray on the day of Eid in Makkah, Saudi Arabia


muslims in makkah celebrating eid

Source: Arabnews.com


11. A Bosnian man shooting a cannon to announce the arrival of Eid ul-Fitr!


man shooting cannon during eid in bosnia and herzegovina Source: Ibtimes.co.uk


12. A man in Jakarta Indonesia preparing Sarung Ketupat, a traditional local dish, that is usually cooked on the day of Eid


Muslims in indonesia celebrating eid traditional halal food

Source: Geo.tv


13. A man making a du’a and protecting the Muslims who are performing Eid prayer in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. What a beautiful photo!


Muslims celebrating eid in krygyztan Source: Ibtimes.co.uk


14. Muslims listening to Eid ul-Fitr sermon in Fatih Sultan Mosque. What a beautiful sight to behold!


celebrating eid around the world in istanbul turkey Source: Ibtimes.co.uk


15. Do you know? Malaysians celebrate Eid for 30 days! They’ll wear new, colorful clothes and attend open houses for the whole month!


eid ul fitr in malaysia open house Source: Zafigo.com


16. A man selling candies at the market in Kabul, Afghanistan. The locals love to shop for festive goodies for Eid


celebrating eid around the world in afghanistan Source: Al-Arabiya.net


17. Muslims looking happy while catching balloons on the day of Eid in Amman, Jordan


celebrating eid around the world in amman jordan

Source: Al-Arabiya.net


18. Celebrating Eid ul-Fitr in Egypt will not be complete without a traditional dish called Kahk Cookies. It is stuffed with honey, walnuts, butter, sesame seeds and powdered sugar


traditional halal dish for eid from egypt kahk cookies Source: Altmuslimah.com


19. Kids in Mosul Iraq wearing traditional Henna on their hands


celebrating eid around the world traditional henna Source: Businessinsider.my


20. A man and his son arriving at the mosque, looking all handsome and colorful to attend the Eid prayer. That’s one cool bike!


celebrating eid around the world malaysia Source: Dreamstime.com


21. A mosque in Kathmandu Nepal packed with people during Eid prayer session!


muslims celebrating eid around the world in kathmandu nepal Source: Asiaone.com


22. A Palestinian man arranging boxes of smoked mackerels to be sold at the market on the day of Eid


halal traditional dish for eid from palestine smoked mackerel

Source: Geo.tv


23. Two smart-looking kids attending Eid ul-Fitr prayer at Sultan Mehmet Fatih in Kosovo


muslims celebrating eid around the world in kosovo Source: Asiaone.com


24. Muslims performing Eid prayer on the street outside of the Grande Mosquee de Paris


muslims in paris celebrating eid around the world Source: Asiaone.com


25. American Muslims in Upland, Southern California, offering each other Eid greetings


american muslims celebrating eid in california Source: Latimes.com


26. A Moroccan man baking cookies for Eid – that looks delicious!


halal traditional food in morocco for eid

Source: Geo.tv


27. Balloons just make things look more festive, aren’t they? Like this photo of a Palestinian women holding colorful balloons on the day of Eid.


muslims celebrating eid in palestine dome of rock Source: Theguardian.com


28. Muslim women in Indonesia performing Eid prayer in the outdoor (while kids enjoying themselves with cartoon balloons!) 😀


celebrating eid ul fitr in yogyakarta indonesia Source: Theguardian.com


29. One of the ways of celebrating Eid in Pakistan is by eating sweets on the day of Eid


traditional halal food in pakistan for eid Source: Theguardian.com


30. It is the tradition of the Singaporeans to visit the grave of their loved ones on the first day of Eid


muslims in singapore celebrating eid Kredit: Aljazeera.com


31. Eid is the day to be happy, as proven here by the Muslim women in Metro Manila, Philippines 🙂


muslims in the philippines celebrating eid Kredit: Aljazeera.com


32. Chechen Muslims making supplications during Eid prayer in Grozny, Chechnya


muslims in chechnya celebrate eid Kredit: Aljazeera.com


33. Chinese Muslims celebrating Eid in Beijing China


Muslims in beijing china celebrate eid Source: Businessinsider.my


Muslims celebrating Eid around the world


What a set of powerful and colorful photos! As you can see, Eid is celebrated by Muslims from all around the world differently based on their cultures. But, they have one thing in common, they celebrate it with full of joy!


How about you? How do you celebrate Eid ul-Fitr in your country? Share with us your experience in the comment box below. We’d love to hear from you!

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