Muslim friendly travel guide to Marrakech

Muslim Friendly Travel Guide to Marrakech For A Great Halal Holiday

Marrakech in Morocco is one of the best places in the world to soak yourself in ancient culture and enchanting artistry. There are so many beautiful buildings, museums, souks, and mosques for you to explore. Halal food is also abundant, which is ideal for Muslim travellers. If you are planning to have a Halal holiday in Morocco, this is the Muslim friendly travel guide to Marrakech that you’ll ever need.


Muslim friendly travel guide to Marrakech – A bustling city that makes you step back in time!


In this Muslim friendly travel guide to Marrakech, we will share with you some of the best Halal friendly hotels to book, popular attractions to visit, which Halal restaurants to try, and what to buy as souvenirs.


When you are in Marrakech, also known as Red City, make sure you are ready to explore its labyrinth of small alleyways and mingle with the locals to get a true experience of Marrakech!


Basic things you need to know about Marrakech


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Before you explore this beautiful ancient city, let’s equip yourself with some basic info on Marrakech.


  • They use Dirham currency. 1 Euro is about 11 Moroccan dirham. Make sure you bring enough change if you’d like to shop here.
  • The average temperature is 20 degrees Celsius. The hottest month is July (29 degrees Celsius) and the coolest is January (13 degrees Celsius). So, plan your travel accordingly.
  • Learn how to say thank you to the locals: “Syukran”. And please: “Afek”. You’ll make friends quickly with these phrases. 🙂
  • Once you arrive in the city, adjust your time to UTC +1 hour.
  • The Menara airport is about 6 km from the city centre. You can either take the bus or taxi to get to the Medina area.


Reasons to visit Marrakech in Morocco


When we talk about Marrakech, the image of dusty narrow streets, lively local markets, beautiful marbles or mosaics, and chaotic road (with motorbikes, cars, and donkeys!) will come to mind.


Yes, they are all very unique and enticing, but there are so many other reasons why you and other Muslim travellers should visit Marrakech.


We are compiling some of the reasons in this Muslim friendly travel guide to Marrakech.


  • Marrakech is very Muslim friendly. A majority of the locals are Muslims. Most of them speak Arabic, Spanish, and French, but some are also fluent in English.
  • Getting Halal food is never an issue. As an Islamic city, all restaurants in Marrakech serve Halal food. Chicken tagines, anyone?
  • Easy to find a place to pray. There are several mosques in the city and the call of prayers will echo five times a day, reminding you that it is time to pray – the experience is simply magical!
  • Muslim-friendly hotels. Marrakech is home to many hotels that cater well to the needs of Muslim travellers. We recommend you to consider staying at a riad, which is a traditional Moroccan home with an inner courtyard, in the medina area.
  • Beautiful architecture. There are so many old and well-preserved buildings in Marrakech that display amazing architecture. The doors, walls, ceilings, rooftops – they are all intricately decorated.
  • Shopping is fun. Just make sure you bring enough cash and know how to haggle like the locals!
  • Growing art scene. Besides than famous for its charming old town, the new town is also flourishing as a tourist destination, thanks to its mushrooming art galleries.


Interesting places you must visit in Marrakech


In this Muslim friendly travel guide to Marrakech, we will guide you on which famous attractions that you must not miss visiting.


1. Jemaa El Fnaa Market


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You cannot travel to Marrakech without going to one of its lively local markets. One of the Muslim friendly places for you to visit is Jemaa El Fnaa market. There are so many things for you to see at this main central square.


During the day, it’s a shopping heaven and in the evening, it becomes a carnival spot for tourists. Acrobats, snake charmer, musicians, and soothsayers – you can see them all at Jemaa El Fnaa.


When you get hungry or thirsty, you can stop by at one of the small stalls to try the Moroccan tea or snail soup.


2. Musée de Marrakech


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Marrakech is also home to many museums. Musée de Marrakech is one of them. It is set in a majestic old palace known as Mnebhi Palace. Here, you can look at a collection of Moroccan arts, musical instruments, exotic kitchen tools, and gorgeous carved doors.


3. Menara Gardens


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Menara Gardens is another popular spot in Marrakech that you should try to visit. The locals sometimes come here to have a picnic.


There, you can take photos at the stunning pavilion and walk in the olive groves and orchard.  You can also enjoy looking at the lake from the top of the pavilion.


4. Jardin Majorelle


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Another famous place in Marrakech is the garden of Majorelle, known by the locals as Jardin Majorelle. It is an enchanting desert garden owned by a famous landscape artist, Jacques Majorelle together with a former fashion designer, Yves Saint Laurent.


Here, you will enjoy looking at the beautiful garden and take pictures of the cobalt-blue villa that boasts Moorish decor.


5. Maison de la Photographie


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While in Marrakech, you should also take the time to visit Maison de la Photographie which is founded by Hamid Mergani and Patrick Menarc’h.


This cool courtyard gallery displays a collection of Morocco’s vintage photos. There are also old documents about the country that dated back to 1870.


Once you are done enjoying the collection, head over upstairs to have some tea or coffee. This quaint museum is definitely a rare gem in Marrakech!


6. Ali Ben Youssef Medersa


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Ali Ben Youssef Medersa is also one of the must-visit attractions in the Red City. This well-decorated old college displays beautiful Saadian architecture, from the courtyard and up to the walls and ceiling. The elaborate stucco and mosaic tilework are simply breathtaking!


7. Koutoubia Mosque


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One of the famous mosques in Marrakech is the Koutoubia Mosque. It is also the biggest mosque in the city.


The most prominent feature of this mosque is its soaring minaret, which has now become the symbol of Marrakech. The mosque looks especially beautiful at night when it is well-lit – it makes a great photo!


8. Bahia Palace


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Bahia Palace is also one of the best Muslim friendly places to visit in Marrakech. The architecture, tilework, and floral-painted ceilings are amazing. You can also learn about the history of this place, which dated back to 1866!


Things to keep in mind when travelling in Red City


To enjoy a pleasant and trouble-free holiday in Marrakech, make sure you take some precautionary steps such as the following:


  • Bring enough cash. Credit cards are not prevalently used in the city, especially in the old town area. ATMs are also not easy to find.
  • The weather can be quite hot, make sure you choose suitable clothes.
  • Beware of pickpockets when strolling around the medina.
  • Haggle when you shop at the market to get the best price.
  • Avoid being scammed by the taxi drivers who tend to overcharge foreign tourists.
  • Do not take advice or tour guidance from a stranger – you might end up being charged for the guide.
  • Avoid drinking directly from the tap water.


Best hotels in Marrakech


Where is the best place to stay while having a Halal holiday in Marrakech? Well, there are plenty of great options in this city. In this Muslim friendly travel guide to Marrakech, we will share with you some of the best hotels – five-star, mid-range, and budget-friendly.


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Five-star hotels


  • Four Seasons Resort Marrakech – Exclusive family resort, inside 40 acres of Moorish garden, overlooking Menara Gardens, private balconies, luxurious guest rooms.
  • Royal Mansour Marrakech – A luxurious five-star hotel, offers private patio & pool, amid beautiful Moorish gardens, opulent architecture, luxurious rooms with suede or silk carpets.
  • La Mamounia – A favorite place of the royalty, politicians, & celebrities, located in a prime spot near the medina, inside lush 17 acres of garden, huge pool.


Mid-range hotels


  • Hotel Riad Mena & Beyond – Gorgeous courtyard, tiered terraces to enjoy the view, 8-meter indoor pool, 10-minute walk to Jemaa El Fna and Badi/Bahia Palace.
  • Riad Kniza – Cozy little hotel, fabulous courtyard, antique Moroccan furnishings, indoor pool, affordable room rate.
  • Hotel Riad Adore – Contemporary & beachy-feel furnishings, offers a Hamman (indoor sauna), near Souk Cherifia, offers courtyard plunge pool, well-stocked library.


Budget hotels


  • Riad Safina – Personal balcony, private bathroom, in the heart of Marrakech, near many attractions, indoor pool, free Wi-Fi.
  • Hotel Riad 1001 Couleurs – Personal patio, Halal continental breakfast, 15-minute walk to Ali Ben Youssef Medersa, offers a shuttle service.
  • Riad Luzia – Air-conditioned rooms, 2-minute walk from Saadian Tombs, private bathrooms, personal terrace, outdoor pool.


Muslim friendly travel guide to Marrakech – Best Halal restaurants in Marrakech


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The best Halal restaurants that we recommend here do not only serve exquisite local cuisines but also vibrant ambiance. Consider dining at these top restaurants for a pleasurable experience!


Or, you can also grab a quick Halal lunch or dinner at one of the stalls at the medina for an authentic taste of Moroccan dishes.


  • Amal restaurant – African and Moroccan food, signature dish: tagine, Rue Allal Ben Ahmed et Rue Ibn Sina, Gueliz, Marrakech
  • Dar Chef – Moroccan and African, signature dish: chicken tagine with citron, Rue Kennaria N 123 Bis, Marrakech 40000, Morocco
  • Dar Najat’s Kitchen – Moroccan dishes, signature dish: lamb tagine, Dar Najat, Douar Graoua, | Derb Lalla Chacha, N.18, Marrakech
  • Restaurant Naima – Moroccan and Mediterranean, signature dish: couscous with chicken, Rue Azbest No. 30, Marrakech 40000, Morocco
  • Restaurant El Bahja – Moroccan and vegetarian, signature dish: kebab and tagine, Rue Bani Marine


What to buy in Marrakech as souvenirs?


If you are looking forward to shopping and bring home some cool souvenirs from Marrakech for your loved ones, then in this Muslim friendly travel guide to Marrakech, we suggest you buy the following items.


They make a great gift and a memory keepsake. You can buy most of these souvenirs at the local souks. Don’t forget to haggle to get the best price!


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  • Colourful flat-weave rugs
  • Embroidery fabrics – pillow covers, throws, table linens, etc.
  • Traditional lanterns
  • Argan oil for beauty or cooking
  • Local spices
  • Babouche, Moroccan pointy-toed traditional slippers
  • Leather goods like bags, wallets, or belts (smell to ensure their authenticity)
  • Traditional small tea cups
  • Djellaba, Moroccan traditional dress
  • Pretty Berber baskets


Refer to this Muslim friendly travel guide to Marrakech when having a holiday in Morocco!


For a great Halal holiday, don’t forget to use this Muslim friendly travel guide to Marrakech. Get ready to explore the popular attractions and get lost wandering its streets in this exotic city.


After travelling to the City of Rose, you will see quickly that it is indeed one of the most fascinating cities in the world. You might plan for your second trip as soon as you arrive home!


Have you been to Marrakech before? Did we miss any important tips? Share your opinion with us in the comment box below! 🙂


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