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8 Muslim Friendly Places To Visit While Vacationing in Marrakech Morocco

Travelling to Marrakech will make you feel as if you are going back in time. The city looks very relaxing but not to the extent to bore you to sleep. If you are planning to enjoy a Halal holiday in this place, here are some tips on the 8 Muslim friendly places to visit in Marrakech, Morocco!


8 Muslim friendly places to visit in Marrakech Morocco for an enjoyable Halal vacation


When you are in Marrakech, also known as the Rose City of Morocco, make sure you visit the following 8 Muslim friendly places in Marrakech – one of the most beautiful and exotic cities in Europe.


1. Medina of Djemaa El Fna


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Marrakech is very well-known for their charming local markets. One of the Muslim friendly places to visit in Marrakech Morocco is Jemaa El Fna medina. You can mingle with the locals and see how they go by with their daily lives at this Marrakech’s main square.


And, of course, this is the perfect place to shop for souvenirs! The charming local market sells everything from textiles, cashmere shawls, small trinkets to carpets and leather goods.


Also, don’t forget to stop by at one of the small tea stalls to get a taste of a true Moroccan tea – they are tasty and refreshing!


2. Jardin Majorelle


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The garden of Majorelle, also known as Jardin Majorelle, is also one of the Muslim friendly places to visit in Marrakech, Morocco. It is a gift from Yves Saint Laurent to Marrakech!


Here, you will be amazed looking at the beautiful landscape of the garden and the architecture of the blue villa that features a fusion of Moorish and art decor.


3. Ali Ben Youssef Medersa


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If you are in Morocco, you must visit Ali Ben Youssef Medersa. It is one of the Muslim friendly places to visit in Marrakech! Here, you can marvel at the beautiful Saadian architecture of the college building.


From the well-decorated bronze gate to its stunning inner courtyard, there is just so many arts and details to look and appreciate. Since it is likely for the place to be filled with tourists, try to go early in the morning to avoid the crowd.


4. Bahia Palace


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Marrakech is also famous for its royal palaces. One of the best Muslim friendly places to visit in Marrakech Morocco is the Bahia Palace.


Even though only a portion of the palace is open to the public, there is still plenty of beautiful ornamental decorations for you to see. The palace boasts floor-to-ceiling wall decorations and a huge courtyard that features blue and yellow decor.


5. Musée de Marrakech


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Besides local markets (souks) and palaces, you should also visit one of the museums. Musée de Marrakech offers you a huge collection of Moroccan arts. The museum resides inside a yet-another majestic royal palace, Mnebhi Palace!


Besides than enjoying looking at the cedar archways, gorgeous stained glass windows, and door panels, you can also see a collection of Fez ceramics at this museum.


6. Maison de la Photographie


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Are you into photography? If yes, then you should also take the time to visit Maison de la Photographie while you are vacationing in Marrakech, Morocco.


There are thousands of vintage photos of Morocco for you to look at. There are also old documents about the country that dated back to 1870.


Once you are done enjoying the collection, head over upstairs to enjoy some tea and coffee. This quaint museum is definitely a rare gem in Marrakech!


7. Koutoubia Mosque


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As you can see, Marrakech is a home to beautiful gardens, palaces, and mosques. One of the popular mosques in Marrakech is the Koutoubia Mosque.


The word “Koutoubia” comes from an Arabic term, kutubiyyin, which means booksellers. Back then, about 100 booksellers would cluster at this mosque selling books, so that’s how the mosque got its name.


One of the famous features of this mosque is its minaret, which is a replica of Seville’s La Giralda and Rabat’s Le Tour Hassan.


8. Kasbah


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Kasbah is also one of the Muslim friendly places to visit in Marrakech Morocco. Kasbah offers you a great shopping experience as you stroll around the small streets in this old town. There are also small and hip cafes for you to stop by for a cup of coffee or tea.


There are several other popular attractions in Kasbah that you can go to such as the Saadian Tombs, Moulay El-Yazid Mosque and El-Badii Palace.


Muslim friendly places to visit in Marrakech Morocco for a true Moroccan holiday experience!


After your trip to Marrakech, you will see how unique this old city is as it offers you a Halal holiday experience (and delicious Halal food!) like no other place can do. Don’t forget to stop by at the popular attractions above to make it a memorable trip!


Have you been to Morocco before? What are some of the top places that you think other Muslim travellers should visit when having a holiday in Morocco? Share with us in the comment box below! 🙂

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