Muslim friendly Barcelona travel guide

Discover Barcelona With This Muslim Friendly Travel Guide

When you look for a list of famous tourist cities in the world, chances are you would see Barcelona being mentioned in it (besides than Madrid and Cordoba, of course). And, it is for a good reason: there are so many things that Muslim travellers can explore and discover! This Muslim friendly Barcelona travel guide will show you some of the popular attractions and Halal restaurants in town.


Muslim friendly Barcelona travel guide – Should I travel to Barcelona?


So, what makes Barcelona so special that it is always being included in many travel lists? Why do other Muslim travellers seek to explore this city, at least once in their lifetime?


Well, there are several reasons why you should travel to Barcelona. After reading these reasons, you’ll understand why this beautiful city is so famous amongst travellers. It is a welcoming and vibrant city!


muslim friendly beach in barcelona



  • Beautiful, beautiful architecture! You will be impressed by the stunning buildings – old and new – that are in Barcelona. When you go on a tour, you might keep hearing a single name, that is Antoni Gaudi. He is one of the most prominent designers in Spain!
  • Perfect weather for a holiday. With an average temperature that ranges from 10 to 30 degrees Celsius, Barcelona makes a beautiful Halal holiday destination. Thanks to the mild Mediterranean weather, you will not be vacationing in sauna-like or freezer-like weather!
  • It’s a Muslim-friendly city. Barcelona will ensure your comfort. There are several hotels in Barcelona that cater to the needs of Muslim travellers and local restaurants that serve Halal food. There are also about a dozen mosques and Islamic centres for you to visit!


More reasons to visit Barcelona!


  • Fun shopping spree. For Muslim women travellers, you will enjoy yourself strolling in the beautiful streets in Barcelona and stop by at one of the many local boutiques, especially at the famous La Rambla Street and Passeig de Gracia.
  • Halal gastronomy adventure. For foodies out there, Barcelona also provides fun and Halal food hunting adventure for your tummy. There are several Halal restaurants in town that you can try. You’ll also enjoy savoring fresh and delicious seafood at one of the many tapas bars in town.
  • Clean, vibrant beach and the gorgeous sunset. Besides than exploring the old city, you can also experience fun and relaxing beach holiday while in Barcelona. Believe it or not, according to National Geographic, the city has some of the best beaches in Europe!


Getting to Barcelona


When it comes to getting to Barcelona, you can literally take any means of transports. You can go there by flight, car, bus, and even…cruise ship!


Muslim friendly Barcelona travel guide



By flight


But, of course, for most Muslim travellers, the regular way to get to Barcelona is by taking the airplane. So, if you are planning to take flights to Barcelona, you can land at Barcelona-El Prat Airport. It is situated about 16km south of the city centre.


Mr and Mrs Halal’s Interesting fact: If you need to pray when you land at the Barcelona-El Prat airport, you can head over Terminal T1. You can find a multi-faith prayer room there!


You can also land at other regional airports such as Reus, Girona, and Lleida-Alguaire and travel to Barcelona from there by using its transport links.


By train


If you are coming from cities like Madrid, Paris, Lyon, Toulose, and Maseille, you can take a train to get to Barcelona.


By car/bus


The road connection in Barcelona is excellent and you can get to the city easily either by renting a car or taking a bus. If you wish to travel by bus, you can stop at Barcelona Nord Bus Station.


These are ideal options for you if you wish to enjoy the city by road and have a road trip to Barcelona. Just keep in mind that the traffic can be quite congested in the city, especially during the rush hour.


By cruise ship


Are you hoping to spice up your Halal holidays in Barcelona? Then, you should consider taking a cruise ship. There is a harbour in the city and it connects to many major harbours in the Mediterranean region.


Muslim friendly hotels in Barcelona


muslim friendly hotels in barcelona



There are several Muslim friendly hotels in Barcelona that offer Halal breakfast to its guests. Plus, they are also located near to many attractions in the city.


  1. Central Station Hostel Barcelona – budget hotel, Halal breakfast, 200m from La Rambla, Hospital, 93, Ciutat Vella, 08001 Barcelona, Spain. Click here to see the best prices for Central Station Hotel.
  2. Hotel Cortes – 2-star hotel, gluten-free and Halal breakfast, located in central Barcelona, Santa Ana, 25, Ciutat Vella, 08002 Barcelona, Spain. For a bargained-price, click here and book now!
  3. Castro Excusive Residences SPA Sagrada Familia – apartment hotel, gluten-free & Halal breakfast, 5-minute walk from Sagrada Familia Metro Station, Provença, 414, Eixample, 08034 Barcelona, Spain. To get the best prices and make a hassle-free booking, click here!


Interesting places to visit in Barcelona by Muslim travellers


As you can see from these Muslim friendly Barcelona travel guide, there are several things that you should experience here. So, during your trip, make sure you follow this guide and visit the following top attractions in Barcelona!


1. Barceloneta Beach/ Nova Icaria


Muslim friendly places in Barcelona - Barceloneta Beach



Firstly, you should know that not all beaches in Barcelona are ideal to be visited by Muslims as they allow nudity, such as Mar Bella Beach. So, if you’d like to enjoy some fun Halal time at the beach under the sun, we recommend you to head over to Barceloneta Beach or Nova Icaria Beach.


You can enjoy the lively and entertaining ambiance of Barceloneta Beach and savor its Halal seafood meals. If you’d like to do water sports activities, you can also go to Nova Icaria. There are also Icária shopping centre and Olympic Marina nearby for you to explore!


2. Sagrada Família


Muslim friendly barcelona travel guide - Sagrada Familia



A trip to Barcelona, Spain, will not be complete if you miss visiting Sagrada Família. It is one of the best masterpieces of Antoni Gaudi. We bet you will enjoy staring at its unique Gothic architecture. It is indeed one of the jaw-dropping and intriguing monuments in Barcelona!


Mr and Mrs Halal’s interesting fact: Do you know that Sagrada Família has been in construction non-stop for over 100 years? And this construction is still currently in progress. It is expected to to continue till the next 10 (and some said 20) years!


3. The street of La Rambla


La Rambla street - Barcelona



Another top Muslim-friendly places to visit in Barcelona is the street of La Ramblas. You can find this lively street right in the city centre. So, what can you do here? Well, first off, enjoy your time strolling the street with the locals and other tourists.


You can enjoy looking at the building or the arts drawn on the street itself (known as Miró Mural). Or, you can enter one of the many shops to get your local souvenirs and enjoy watching street performers along this boulevard.


Mr and Mrs Halal’s interesting fact: For Muslim travellers, the street of La Rambla is the best place to find Halal restaurants! Our recommendation? Try delicious falafel at Habibi Restaurant!


4. Park Güell


Halal friendly places in Barcelona



When we said that you’ll keep hearing one famous name when touring Barcelona, we were not kidding. Here’s another top place in Barcelona that you should visit (and it is another brainchild of the genius Antoni Gaudi): the beautiful Park Güell!


Here, you’ll enjoy the colors of Barcelona – literally! There are many amazing stone structures and colorful mosaics for you to look at. Since it is on top of the Carmel Hill, you can also enjoy the view of Barcelona from the top.


5. Camp Nou, Barcelona


Muslim friendly Barcelona Nou Camp



Here’s something that avid football fans should do while having a Halal holiday in Barcelona: pay a visit to the stadium belonged to one of the best football teams in the world, FC Barcelona – Camp Nou!


You can purchase a ticket to enter and take a tour of the stadium. Under the Camp Nou Experience program, you can also look at the trophies, memorabilia, and original jerseys at the museum.


Other interesting places that you can visit:


    1. Gothic Quarter – Architecture
    2. Christopher Columbus Monument – History
    3. Boquería market – Local market
    4. Palau de la Música Catalena – Musical hall
    5. Passeig de Gràcia – Shopping
    6. Barcelona Zoo
    7. Catedral de Barcelona – Architecture
    8. L’Aquarium de Barcelona – Aquarium
    9. Casa Milà – Beautiful architecture
    10. Casa Batlló – Beautiful architecture
    11. Museu d’Història de Catalunya – History
    12. Font Magica – Water fountain show


Muslim friendly Barcelona travel guide – Top Halal restaurants


Halal food in Barcelona



In this Muslim friendly Barcelona travel guide, we will also share with you a list of top halal restaurants that you can try while having a holiday in this beautiful city. They serve tasty food at an affordable price!


  • Catalonia Restaurant – Authentic Spanish and Mediterranean cuisine, C/ Avinyo 42, 08002 Barcelona, Spain.
  • Habibi Restaurant – Lebanese and Moroccan dishes, La Ramblas, 75, 08002 Barcelona, Spain.
  • Malaysia Restaurant – Malaysian and Asian cuisine, Carrer de Laforja, 8, 08006 Barcelona, Spain.
  • El Asador de Aranda – Halal steakhouse in Barcelona! Calle Pau Claris, 70, 08010, Barcelona, Spain.
  • Rincon Persa – Persian food, Floridablanca, 85, Entre C/Viladomat y C/Comte Borrell, 08015 Barcelona, Spain.
  • Himalaya Restaurant – Pakistani food, Rambla del Raval, 5, 08001 Barcelona, Spain.
  • Wild Beef – Halal American hamburger! Carrer de la Diputacio, 214, 08011 Barcelona, Spain


Bonus info – Mosques in Barcelona that you can visit



Mosques in Barcelona



Without a doubt, Spain is one of the Muslim-friendly countries in Europe. Besides than Cordoba, Granada, and Seville, Barcelona is also one of the cities in the country that is very friendly towards Muslim travellers.


Mr and Mrs Halal’s interesting fact: Islam is Barcelona’s second biggest religion. There are over 300,00 Muslims in Barcelona, where one-third of them are locals and the rests are immigrants.


You can stop by and pray at one of the mosques in Barcelona. Plus, there are also Islamic centres for you to visit. In this Muslim friendly Barcelona travel guide, we will share with you some of them.


  • Catalan Islamic Cultural Centre, Carrer de Rafael Capdevila, 1-3, 08018 Barcelona, Spain
  • Tarek Ibn Ziyad Mosque (it’s the largest mosque in the city!), Calle San Rafael, 10, 08001 Barcelona, Spain
  • Abi Ayoub Elansari Mosque, Carrer de Massanet, 5, 326, Barcelona, Spain
  • The Islamic Centre of Barcelona, Av. Meridiana, 326, 08027, Spain
  • Madni Mosque, Calle Paloma, 9, 08001, Barcelona, Spain
  • Hamza Mosque, Carrer d’Almenara Alta, 12, 08026 Barcelona, Spain
  • Fezan-e Madina Mosque, Calle Cabanes, n16 Bajos, 08004, Barcelona, Spain


Muslim friendly Barcelona travel guide – The best guide to plan your visit!


We hope that all the essential information that we provide here has helped you to plan your visit to the beautiful and Halal-friendly city of Barcelona.


These Muslim friendly Barcelona travel guide aims to make your trip a special and memorable one.


So, don’t forget to follow this guide and once you have reached home, share with us your Halal holiday experience by putting your thoughts in the comment box below. We’d love to hear from you! 🙂

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