Halal holiday tips for Muslim travellers

8 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Travelling To Any City In The World

Traveling… Oh, this sweet word that lingers like honey for the ears of some. You might be a traveler for quite a while now and feel proud of yourself that you’ve seen so many things in such a little time. But maybe you’re new to it, and no one told you how to make the best out of your vacations. That’s why we’re here, to present you with some Halal holiday tips and ways to which you can enhance your experience and enjoy it to the maximum.


10 Halal holiday tips for Muslim travellers and backpackers


1. Open up


Chances are, if you have decided to walk this path, then you’re pretty much an open-minded person. Being like this, letting life touch you in its own manner without hindering its flow will turn you into a braver, more conscious human being.


Because, at the end of the day, this is what traveling does to people: it makes them more courageous, available to take risks in order to see the beauty that waits out there.


So, open up. Or, if you haven’t yet, then know that this simple act of visiting a foreign country might be the first step to the life you’ve always dreamt of living. Understand and memorize one of these Halal holiday tips!


2. Go all local


Halal holiday tips for Muslim backpackers

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Ok, maybe not all the way, but you can try to blend in and imitate the people of the area in terms of clothes and social gestures. Sometimes, it’s hard to go unnoticed, because your body will speak for yourself before you have the chance to.


However, simple things such as covering your shoulders when you enter a sacred space or dressing up in warmer colors will help you bond with the local people better.


3. Carry a camera with yourself


Here’s one of the important Halal holiday tips – always carry a camera! This is something compulsory if you want to make sure you don’t miss a thing.


Whether it’s a sunset, a kid playing in the mud, the most amazing dish ever or meeting new friends, a camera can capture all these beautiful moments.


Remember, your travels will only last for so long. If you want to keep fresh memories of them and show them to your children and grandchildren then the photos are the easiest and most available way to obtain this.


4. Wake up early


Halal holiday tips for Muslim travellers

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Waking up early is also one of the Halal holiday tips that you should try while travelling. More often than not, touristic destinations equal crowded places and nervous people.


Whereas you can’t always avoid them, you can do something once in a while: set your alarm clock very early in the morning.


This way, you’ll make sure you get there first thing in the morning. Also, you’ll get the chance to admire the most gorgeous of views and the most popular attractions in peace, without all the noise and agitation a crowd brings about.


5. Yes is the keyword


If you’ve been more of a planner then know one thing- traveling will shift your perspective 180 degrees, to say the least. During your travelers you’ll meet all kinds of people, some easier to talk to and others more difficult to interact with.


But if seeing the world can teach you one thing, it is this: life is acceptance. Therefore, you’ll naturally have to accept everything that crosses your path and find a way to get through the harder times, as there will be some.


The word ‘Yes’ should become your mantra. Yes to the random invitation to the dinner by a nice family, yes to the little kids urging you to play with them, yes to taking the road less taken!


6. In with what’s absolutely necessary


Top halal friendly hiking mountains in Seoul Korea

Source: Monikamukherjee.blogspot.my


And out with which is not! One of the major mistakes every person new to traveling does is to overwork that backpack with useless things that usually serve no purpose. So, you need to remember one of these important Halal holiday tips – travel light!


You don’t have to bring the whole house with you while going on a hike. A sandwich, a bottle of water, a camera and a phone are more than enough in every situation. Bring more, and the 5-hour hike will feel like a curse for your legs and back.


7. Get lost


This might sound like a paradox, but in most of your travels, getting lost will usually equal full safety. Why is it so? Because you’re likely to do it on purpose, and in areas you know are free of any kind of danger.


Also, if you do get near the unsafe places the locals will let you know and direct you to someplace else. Always keep a phone with you and the address of your hotel written on a small piece of paper, in case you don’t know the way back and need to take a cab.


8. Find balance


Most people are inclined to either spend all their money or hold on to it for as long as possible. While it is good to try new things, not all the good ones have to be expensive in order for you to know they are high-quality.


Top Muslim friendly food places in Milan Italy

Source: Cntraveler.com


How many times have you compared the luxurious restaurant dishes with the food prepared in the night markets, and the latter was victorious? Of course, things go the other way round as well.


While in a new place, get the most of it. However, chances are you won’t be doing that and miss all the great opportunities because all you do is think of a way to be cheaper.


Go On A Muslim Friendly Holiday Trip and Try The Tips Above!


Life without travels is colorless and lacks flavor. Think of one thing before choosing between booking that plane ticket and buying that kitchen furniture. One will bring memories for a lifetime while the other is bound to be thrown away in a few years. We’ll let you guess which one’s which.


Do you have any other Halal holiday tips? Share with us in the comment box below; we might include it in our list! 😉


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