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8 of the Best Halal-Only Hotels in the World

Attempting to find hotels that are halal-friendly can be easy, or hard, dependent upon where in the world you want to travel to. Some countries can offer you strictly halal friendly hotels, whereas others are more likely to offer you hotels with numerous halal-friendly features.


We’re going to be rounding up a mixture of the 8 best hotels in the world, that are either halal-only or halal-friendly.


The Halal Friendly Hotels For You to Stay


1. Bermondsey Square Hotel, London


  • Prestige: 4 stars


Must stay top halal friendly hotels in London for muslim travelers Photo by Barnyz on Flickr


Finding a halal-friendly hotel in London can be difficult, but the Bermondsey Square Hotel in Central London is a real halal-friendly gem among a network of hotels. It was bought in 2014 by a Muslim businessman, and he made the business-focused decision to run the hotel based upon the rules of shariah law.


This means that the hotel offers a wide range of halal-only food options, and the restaurant doesn’t serve any alcoholic drinks.



2. Vision Hotel Apartments, Abu Dhabi


  • Prestige: 5 stars


Beautiful Mosque of Syekh Zayed in Dubai Photo by Lutz on Flickr


In Abu Dhabi, you can’t find a hotel that isn’t strictly halal-only. But, Vision Hotel Apartments stand to offer one of the best places to stay for a family. Staying at this hotel you will be in close proximity to all of the most desirable places in Abu Dhabi, such as the beautiful Sheikh Zayed Mosque, and Al Manhal Palace.


  • Don’t forget to enjoy the rooftop pool at Vision Hotel Apartments, known for its panoramic views of the skyline of Abu Dhabi.


3. Mogador Palace Agdal, Morocco


  • Prestige: 5 stars


Best places and halal friendly hotels to visit in Morocco Photo by Matteo Martinello on Flickr


In Morocco, there are a lot of halal-only hotels. But, there aren’t many 5* halal hotels. However, Mogador Palace Agdal stands as one of the few 5* halal friendly hotels in Morocco.


Tailored for tourists who wish to enjoy a halal holiday, the hotel offers absolutely everything that Muslim travelers and tourists might need. Including a number of outdoor and indoor pools for adults, as well as children.


  • To delve into the culture of Morocco, make sure you go to visit the Ancient Wall of the Royal Palace.


4. Selge Beach Resort and Spa, Antalya


  • Prestige: 5 stars


Best Halal friendly beach honeymoon places in Turkey Photo by Hillarie on Flickr


The Selge Beach Resort is one of the most popular and halal friendly hotels that Turkey has to offer, attracting a mixture of people from all around the world. But, it also has a lot of features that make it a halal-friendly resort.


It can offer people private beaches, as well as separate pools for both men and women. There is a modest dress code that is strictly followed on the beach, and all of the food served in the restaurants is 100% halal. It also offers the non-alcoholic atmosphere that Muslim travelers desire.


  • For the best weather, visit this all-inclusive resort in late Summer.


5. Aerostar Hotel, Moscow


  • Prestige: 4 stars


Best halal friendly hotels places in Moscow Photo by Andrey Naumov Flickr


Rarely can you find a halal-friendly hotel on any list that is situated in Moscow, it isn’t a destination most people think of. But, this historically beautiful city has a lot that it can offer any traveler.


The best halal-friendly hotel in Russia would have to be the Aerostar Hotel. It can offer Muslim travelers prayer facilities for both men and women, and it also has a vast array of halal-only food items on the menu.


  • Make sure you go out and see the wonderful sights at the Red Square, one of the most historically significant sections of Moscow.


6. Hotel Fouquet’s Barriere, Paris


  • Prestige: 5 stars


Must visit destinations for Muslim travelers in Paris halal friendly hotels Photo by Barnyz on Flickr


Paris, commonly known to be one of the most romantic cities in the world. A destination that is perfect for couples, newlyweds, and people seeking the beauty of the city. This hotel, Fouquet’s Barriere, is in the perfect location for all of that and more.


It offers Muslim guests prayer mats, a Qur’an in their rooms, and halal-food on demand opposed to just at certain times of the day. They go above and beyond to make Muslim travelers enjoy their stay in this friendly hotel.


  • When in Paris, don’t forget to weave your way along the world famous Champs Elysees.


7. St Regis Roma, Rome


  • Prestige: 5 stars


Best places for Muslim newlyweds in Rome halal friendly hotels Photo by Moyan Brenn on Flickr


Rome is a city that anyone with a love for history will fall in love with, with its beautiful architecture and a story on every wall, it has a lot to offer the weary traveler. It also has several halal friendly hotels for Muslim tourists.


The St. Regis Roma has everything to offer that a Muslim traveler could need, including copies of the Qur’an, halal-only food, and an alcohol-free atmosphere. It also offers female housekeepers, to make your stay comfortable and issue free.


  • Don’t forget to visit the Roman palace standing right in the heart of the city center in Rome.


8. Hotel Munchen Palace, Munich


  • Prestige: 5 stars


Must visit places in Munich for Muslim travelers halal friendly hotels

Photo by Mariano Mantel on Flickr


This boutique hotel stands right in the heart of Munich, yet also offers the comfort away from the busy streets of the city. It offers travelers a relaxing destination, where they can forget about all of their worries.


Yet, this quaint hotel does everything it can for Muslim travelers. Especially lone female travelers. They offer a wide amount of halal-only food, and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as female spa therapists specifically for Muslim ladies. You can also choose from a variety of room facilities so that you can enjoy your trip in peace


  • Don’t forget to head out shopping, this hotel is located directly in the luxurious district of Bogenhausen.


Relax During Your Vacation At Top Muslim Friendly Hotels Above!


So, no matter where you want to go in the world, there will be a hotel that is completely suitable for the needs of you and your family. Whether you want a resort or a hotel for a business trip, there are hotels all around the world now with the right facilities for Muslim travelers.


Have you been to any halal friendly hotels before? Share with us your experience in the comment box below!

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