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7 Dreamlike Halal Friendly Destinations in Europe You Must See

When it comes to travelling in Europe, people tend to stick to the same places. Places that they know well, especially if they are places that the person has travelled to before. But, Europe has some hidden gems that would make perfect destinations for Muslim travellers. All of which include halal-food options, prayer spaces, and most importantly, halal friendly destinations in Europe.


We understand that as Muslims, we all have specific requirements. These requirements aren’t just things that we want, they’re things that we need. Europe’s dreamlike destinations can give us that.


7 halal friendly destinations in Europe that you must visit during your holiday!


1. Luxembourg


halal food and restaurants in luxembourg


Imagine stepping directly into a book of fairy tales, imagine what you would see. Luxemburg is probably one of the most picturesque destinations in Europe, with a river running directly through the city.


In Winter, everything gets coated with snow, and the lights shine brightly against the darkness of the night sky. It is indeed one of the halal friendly destinations in Europe.


The halal-only Star of Asia is one of the most highly rated halal restaurants in Luxemburg, and it’s close to the Cathedral Notre-Dame, one of the most famous buildings in Luxemburg.


2. Malta


halal hotels in malta the halal friendly destinations in europe


Malta is one of the most prominent destinations in Europe for Muslim travellers, but it can also be one of the most beautiful, halal friendly destinations in Europe.


You could spend just one day seeing everything from small streets with cobblestones to the Mnajdra, a limestone temple complex. There is so much history in Malta, if you allow yourself to find it.


You can find a variety of halal restaurants, all serving different cuisines. As well as several hotels that advertise themselves specifically for the needs of Muslim travellers.


Mr & Mrs Halal Tip: Make sure that you visit Comino, with a beautiful blue lagoon that almost appears to be crystal clear. Divers and snorkelers see this place as a paradise, and the dress code is Muslim friendly.


3. Bruges, Belgium


halal food and hotels in bruges belgium europe


Sticking with the fairy tale theme of Luxemburg, Bruges follows the same suit. With the mixture of canals and medieval buildings you could almost be stepping into a different century, add in the cobblestoned streets and you probably are.


One of the halal friendly destinations in Europe, it is famed for its beauty. There is place for prayer in Bruges, not including private spaces, Kultuur Islamic Centre. But there are several mosques just outside of the city.


Mr & Mrs Halal Tip: Make sure that you eat at the Lumiere halal restaurant Brugge, one of the top halal-only restaurants in the city.


4. Venice, Italy


halal food restaurants in venice italy the halal friendly destinations in europe


Venice is something completely different, consisting of buildings that have all been built in a small lagoon right on the Adriatic Sea. You won’t find any roads in Venice; instead you will find canals and small boats.


That’s what makes it a destination usually sought for honeymoons, but it offers a subtle beauty that no other location does. It is indeed one of the halal friendly destinations in Europe.


You can go out onto the river way at night, and sit and watch as you go past the buildings with the lights, it appears almost otherworldly to most travellers.


There are also several mosques in Venice, although none of them are officially recognised, and halal-food can be easily found in the city.


Mr & Mrs Halal Tip: Go and see the stunning architecture presented by the St. Mark’s Basilica, and the beautiful Byzantine mosaic tiles that decorate its roof.


5. Istanbul


best halal food restaurants in istanbul turkey


Istanbul presents a Muslim traveller with a fantastic opportunity. It offers beauty in a different kind of way, with its world renowned Islamic architecture, which makes it one of the halal friendly destinations in Europe.


You can find stunning buildings all around Istanbul, and most Muslim travellers choose the precise location that they wish to visit based on this. You don’t have to worry about finding halal-friendly food in Istanbul. Halal food is everywhere in the country.


Must see tip: One mosque that we would advise all Muslim travellers to see is the Sultan Ahmed Mosque, it’s a beautiful example of Islamic Architecture.


6. Amsterdam, The Netherlands


halal hotels in amsterdam and halal friendly destinations in europe


Amsterdam is dreamlike in its own unique way. The features of the city drag you into that fairy tale atmosphere, just like Bruges and Luxemburg do.


With river ways and canals throughout the city, just taking a walk at night can make you feel like you’re in a picturesque dream.


Featuring numerous mosques, and some fantastic options for halal-only food, you won’t have to worry about a thing while you’re in Amsterdam. So, make sure to visit one of these halal friendly destinations in Europe!


Halal Food in Amsterdam Tip: The Dana Halal Food stand in Amsterdam is known to provide some of the best halal-only stalls bought food in the city. You should also go and see Westermoskee, a beautiful mosque right on the riverbank of an Amsterdam canal.


7. St Petersburg, Russia


halal food and muslim friendly hotels in st petersburg russia


A lot of Muslim travellers venture out looking for the beauty in a city, and the history that they can learn about through sightseeing. This can be found in St. Petersburg, Russia, although be aware that it might be a little bit cold!


One of our favourite things in the city is The Great Mosque of St. Petersburg, it’s stunning, and that’s to say the least. When it first opened it was the largest mosque in Europe outside of Turkey.


With minarets that reach a height of 49 meters, and a 39-meter-high dome. It really is a sight to behold inside. You can also learn about Russian culture, and the unique history that it holds. It is indeed one of the best halal friendly destinations in Europe to visit!


Traveller Tip: Travellers that get the chance to should go and see the Winter Palace, it’s a fantastic example of what makes St. Petersburg beautiful.


best halal food places around the world


Each of these options is perfect for any Muslim traveller, and each can offer us the requirements that we need. No matter what it is you’re looking for in Europe and beyond, you will find it in one of these beautiful destinations.


If there is any halal friendly destinations in Europe that we have missed out that serves succulent halal food and has absolutely awe inspiring muslim friendly hotels to stay in, then please drop us a few suggestions in the comments box below!

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