Halal Food Disclaimer

Besides than sharing Muslim-friendly destinations, we also share information on restaurants or eateries that serve Halal food. We hope to make travelling a pleasant experience to Muslim travellers out there. However, kindly read this Halal Food Disclaimer before trying any restaurants mentioned in our article.


Halal Food Disclaimer – Mr & Mrs Halal


At the time of publishing the articles, we have tried our best to verify the halal status of the restaurants. This verification is done by sharing personal experience, doing thorough research and gaining information from the online community.


However, we also understand that each one of us has different principles when it comes to determining the halal status of a particular restaurant. Also, we realize that each country has a different set of regulatory standards in deciding the halal status of a specific restaurant. Plus, the halal status of a restaurant that we mentioned in our articles could also change at any given time.


Therefore, we highly recommend that before dining at any of the eateries that we have suggested or mentioned in our articles, you should verify the halal status and raise any concerns with the venue when visiting the restaurant.


Also, if you have any doubts regarding the halal status of the restaurants or eateries that we have recommended in our articles, we suggest you make your dining decisions at your own discretion and find other halal restaurants.


Feel free to contact us at hello@mrandmrshalal.com to inform and correct us should you find any false information about the halal restaurants that we have mentioned in our articles. Together, we can share informative and accurate information to Muslim travellers out there! 🙂