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Enjoy Emirates Free Ice Creams This Summer At Dubai Airport!

Rejoice all travelers! If you are passing through Dubai this summer, you’ll get a chance to enjoy several flavors of Emirates free ice creams!


Yup, you read it right, the airline expects to serve up to 2 million cups of ice creams to travelers who will be transiting or departing from Dubai International Airport.


These Emirates free ice creams, which are available from 15 June until 31 August 2018, come in five different flavors. They range from classic flavors like Vanilla and Chocolate to fruit flavors like lemon sorbet and mango sorbet.


But, the one flavor that we think you should not miss trying is the Arabic coffee & date combo – that sounds delicious!


How special are these Emirates free ice creams?


emirates ice cream cart at dxb airport 2018


Well, very special indeed as they are made in-house, prepared by none other than Emirates Flight Catering (EKFC).


Their ice creams, branded as Emperor, are normally served in premium classes and a few select flights to the UK and Europe. They are also exclusively available at seven Emirates lounges in the airport.


And, we believe that it goes without saying, these Emirates free ice creams are Halal ice creams, so, you can enjoy them without a doubt!


Besides than helping the travelers to beat the heat of the sun in Dubai, the airline states that this irresistible Emirates ice cream offer is a symbol of their continued commitment in providing unmatched travel experience to their customers.


Where and when to get them?


emirates free ice creams cart 2018


So, throughout these two and a half months, travelers can start looking out for Emirates free ice creams carts. You can find them in several areas inside DXB Dubai International Airport.


If you happen to transit or depart from this airport within this couple of months, you can look for these complimentary ice creams at Terminal 3 departure as well as transit areas.


Even though you can get them daily, they are only available during departure’s peak sessions. They are between midnight to 3 am, 12.30 pm to 2.30 pm, and 6 pm to 9 pm.


Is this Emirates free ice creams 2018 offer for real?


coffee and date emirates free ice cream


A traveler, Ben Schlappig, has shared his experience in receiving this free ice cream from Emirates as he was passing through Dubai over the weekend.


He did manage to get himself the delicious Arabic Coffee & Date ice cream at the Emirates First Class Lounge Dubai. So, did he like the ice cream? Yup, he said it was excellent!


Also, check out this Twitter video that shows Emirates Airlines distributing free ice creams on arrivals and departures at DXB to celebrate Eid. Love it!


So, Muslim travelers, make sure to check out these ice cream carts whenever you are at the airport this summer!


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