best travel tips for Muslim travellers

Tips And Tricks On How To Make The Best Out Of Your Halal Travels

There is a quote that goes like “There’s no place like home”, but what if there is? Spending time in the safety of your house together with the people you love the most is one of the best things in life. But, how about travelling? It should be fun and organised too! Let’s see some of the best travel tips for Muslim travellers that you should try for your next travel trip!


Best travel tips for Muslim travellers out there


Whether you’re an avid traveler like me who goes crazy as soon as she has some money for a plane ticket or is more on a calmer side, traveling the world is one of those things that you’ll madly fall in love with at some point.


And, this best travel tips for Muslim travellers will hopefully make you fall in love more and more with planning, packing and traveling – they are easy and fun to do!


Make The Best Out of Your Halal Travel Trip!


And, why shouldn’t you? Not only does this simple act of going away from home help you step out of your comfort zone, but can also teach you a thing or two about life in general. And trust my word when I’m telling you this: even a little traveling can help you in ways you have never imagined.


best travel tips for muslim travellers



Wondering how to turn your Halal vacations into the experience of a lifetime? Then check out these best travel tips for Muslim travellers, and see how you can make the best of your future trips.


Before the actual travel:


  • Look for cheaper options: you don’t want to invest most of your money in expensive hotels where you will most likely only spend the night in. The internet is full of websites that can help you find what fits you the best: a single room with a bathroom if you’re by yourself or a small house in case you’re bringing your family with you.


  • Find out as much as possible about the place you’ll spend your vacation: the last thing you want is to find out the location is unsafe for your health the moment you reach there. Look for pieces of information in regards to possible dangers if you choose to travel to developing countries.


  • Make sure all your identification paper is in order: one of the most important and best travel tips for Muslim travellers has got to be this! Make sure all your travel documents have been properly prepared. Aways keep a copy of each in a place safe, as the documents can get lost.


How to pack bags for muslim travelers



  • Choose to roll over folding: rolling your clothes and placing them alongside the luggage will provide you with some more space for additional clothes or sanitary objects. This is one of the best travel tips for Muslim travellers that you should try!


  • Get yourself a traveling guide: you can do so by buying one of those small guides you can find in libraries or by downloading apps with the city’s map, special locations and other details such as the local currency, what’s the best place to eat and how to pick a cheap cab.


Before taking off:


best travel tips for muslim travellers



  • Bring with you the necessary stuff: most of the people who have embarked on a plane have confessed there are some essential items everyone should bring with him or her. Some of the most important are: a bottle of water (you never know just how expensive one can be), a pen (to fill in the forms), a small bag in which you can keep all your personal documents, some snacks, and ear plugs.


  • Hit the bathroom: you might not feel like it, but make an effort and go to the restroom both before the plane takes off and lands.


  • Get a proper sleep on the plane: to ensure your body is ready for your next adventure, you should get enough rest while travelling on a plane. Check out our tips on how to sleep well on a plane!


When you’re there:


  • Set things straight: at this point, your main priorities are to get your luggage and get local currency. Make sure you do the latter by using an ATM, as this will save you from any additional fees.


  • See what suits you: there are people who would rather not eat at the hotel, as there are many restaurants where food is much more affordable. Of course you won’t be able to go to one as soon as you get there, as you’ll likely be tired and want to rest after the flight. However, you can buy a bottle of water and some snacks until you decide to go out and explore.


Best Muslim friendly travel tips for muslim backpackers



  • Leave your things where they belong: that is, in the luggage. Most people make this mistake of fully unpacking. Not only will this take forever, but you also run the risk of forgetting smaller things when you leave. Take out only the essentials, and leave the rest in there. Chances are, you have carefully packed them before leaving, which means they are in place and you can easily make use of them.


When you feel the need for adventure:


  • Use the local language: this might be as much of a challenge as it sounds, but it will make things funnier. Plus, the local people are more prone to like and help you, as they will feel you try to integrate and be one of theirs. Further, you will have some new words added to your vocabulary by the time you reach home.


best travel tips for muslim travellers



  • Get lost: no one tells you not to use that traveling guide you have read so many times by now. However, the beauty of a place is given by this dose of the unknown that will make things more exciting. So, feel free to get lost in Santorini, Thailand, or New York City! Don’t follow in the footsteps of those before you, unless it’s about major landmarks such as the Sagrada Familia in Spain or China’s Forbidden City.


  • Bond with the locals: try their food and stick to clothing that does not stick out much. Be a part of the local life as much as possible during your stay. This might be the only time you travel to that location.


Being new to traveling does not mean you don’t have the smallest idea on what’s going on. Hopefully, these best travel tips for Muslim travellers will help you as much as they’ve helped me during my trips.


Do you have any other clever travel tips and tricks up your sleeve that can make it easier for Muslim travellers to travel the world? Share the tips with us in the comment box below!

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