Advertise with Mr & Mrs Halal

If you’re looking to advertise to Muslims who love to travel, you’ve certainly come to the right place. Mr & Mrs Halal is the go-to resource for all Muslims that are looking for travel inspiration or trying to find a new place or company to travel with. Our focus has always been to cater to the travel needs of Muslims in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Singapore and GCC countries although we get lots and lots of visits from other countries too! We can share more information about our key demographics if you’re a big fan of data!


We feature articles on honeymoons, family travel, budget travel, luxury travel and everything between but most importantly, everything we feature MUST BE Muslim friendly.


You can read lots more about us and the journey we have embarked upon on our about us page, here.


Traditional Advertising


Travel and Lifestyle blog advertising on Mr & Mrs Halal comes in all shapes and sizes – banner ads, display ads, custom advertorials and loads more custom solutions depending on your needs.


Let’s discuss our plans on bringing your business more relevant customers over a cup of virtual coffee. Contact us here.


Reviews and Giveaways


Who doesn’t like something free? The beauty of reviews and giveaways is that it certainly increases the reach and awareness of your product or offering. If you’re dying to get the word out about your product or service, then this is the easiest way to reach as many people as possible.


We’ve worked with hotel brands, airlines and tour companies to provide real-life, honest reviews on service and also provide feedback to all businesses on how they can reach, attract and cater to the growing market of Muslim travellers.


Press and Media Trips


Many travel stories and articles featured on Mr & Mrs Halal are the result of collaborations with travel operators, brands, organisations and destination management organisations.


Send us a message if you’d like to hear more. Chances are we’ve already run something similar to what you already had in mind and have results to share with a view to make your campaign with us even more successful!