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About Mr And Mrs Halal – Who are we?

So, here, we will share with you a thing or two about Mr and Mrs Halal. We are globetrotters, just like you! We have spent the last five years traveling the world and meeting Halal travelers along the way.


We came up with this website after struggling to find suitable, idyllic places to go on our honeymoon (I am sure some of you can relate to us on this!).


We feel there is a need to have a single place where Muslims can get all the information necessary for them to be able to enjoy an amazing Halal getaway.


Why do you promote Halal traveling?


Here’s another thing about Mr and Mrs Halal: We believe that the earth is a beautiful place to live in – and to explore! As Muslims, we believe that traveling is a part of the Sunnah.


The religion encourages us to travel the land and learn about the lives of others. It opens our eyes and minds and makes us familiar with diversity.


Halal friendly travel inspiration for Muslim travelers

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I am sure you have heard this following verse of the Qur’an before:


“O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you nations and tribes that you may know one another….” (Chapter 49, Al Hujurat, Verse 13)


That’s the keyword we believe in: to get to know one another. And, we can do this by traveling to the many countries in this world and soak ourselves in the cultures of others!


At the same time, with this Halal traveling website, we want to inspire you to travel to places that cater your needs as a Muslim.


Pick one of the destinations, hotels, and foods that we suggest here and enjoy a memorable Halal adventure.


So, what can Mr. & Mrs. Halal offer to me?


Here, at Mr. & Mrs. Halal travel site, we seek not only to encourage you and other Muslims to break free from the daily routine and travel the earth but also to share some practical guidelines as well as cool tips and tricks on how to do it the Halal way!



Inspiring halal friendly travel quote

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  • “Where is the latest Halal honeymoon getaway in Europe or America?”
  • “Where to get that delicious and most importantly, Halal, Bulgogi (it’s Korea’s famous and scrumptious grilled beef!) in Seoul or Halal chicken burrito in Mexico City?”
  • “Where can I find the cheapest and Muslim-friendly hotel in Southeast Asia?”


These are all questions that we seek to answer, collect, and make them readily available online for you to access.


We will share with you the answers – either gained by experience or through readings – in a laidback and fun manner.


We will tell our traveling stories, show you where to go, and (if you’re lucky) we will even teach you what to say to the locals to get the best price while shopping!



Do you want to know how to stroll the foreign city of Rome like a pro and find Halal eateries while at that? We can guide you on that too!


We will even share beautiful pictures of the worlds in our articles that will make you feel as though you are in the journey together with us – for free!


What more can you offer to us, the avid Muslim travelers, in the future?


No doubt about it, we have much more in store for you in the future. Our minds are bursting with ideas on how to make your Halal travels smooth and fun!


We are passionate about this Halal traveling project, and we will make sure to update you with great news and announcements about our next offerings.


So, who is Mr. & Mrs. Halal, for real? Do you guys have real names?


You can just call us Mr. & Mrs. Halal. As for the actual names, those are for us to know and for you to wonder. *Wink *Wink


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