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9 Reasons Why Your Honeymoon Should Be in Malaysia

Are you considering Malaysia as your halal honeymoon destination but yet to be convinced about visiting this country? Well, stop considering and just give it a visit already. Why? We have prepared for you the top 9 reasons why your honeymoon should be in Malaysia.


9 reasons why your halal honeymoon should be the beautiful country of Malaysia


1 – Interesting Tourists Destinations


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Malaysia is so diverse in terms of the places that you can visit. Big cities like Kuala Lumpur, Malacca, Penang, and JB provides you and your newlywed spouse with tons of tourist sites to visit and activities to do.


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For example, you can enjoy a romantic dinner at the Atmosphere 360 Restaurant up in the sky at Kuala Lumpur Tower.


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Drive a little bit up to the north of Peninsular Malaysia and enjoy the UNESCO Heritage City of Georgetown Penang. This is where you can enjoy the true Malaysia experience by taking photos together at the art street and enjoy the local delicacies (more on this below).


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Looking for some history lessons with your husband/wife? Head over to Malacca, which is conveniently situated only an hour of driving from KL. You can ride a trishaw and enjoy the quaint, little historical town.


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Have a romantic cruise at night at Malacca River and enjoy the beautiful neon light show from the nearby Malay Village and Pirate Park.


#2 – Mouthwatering Halal Foods


The food should also be the main reason why your halal honeymoon should be in Malaysia. The country offers Halal food options in the majority of its restaurants and stalls.


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Even if they are not Halal, you can clearly see the status of Non-Halal on their front door. And, alcohol drinks are always served in a separate section. A total comfort for Muslim honeymooners.


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Besides the ease of finding Halal foods, the local delicacies are also delicious and cheap! Here, you can savor the local foods like nasi lemak, teh tarik, mee rebus, laksa, nasi kerabu, nasi dagang (image above), cendol, roti canai and many more!


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Oh, don’t forget the sweet treats called ‘kuih-muih’. Don’t they look tasty?


#3 – Mosques & Prayer Rooms Are Everywhere


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Finding a place to perform your daily prayer is also a non-issue here in Malaysia. You can easily find a mosque in every few miles. All you need to do is stop by, take your wudhu at the designated area, and perform your salah.


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Oh, did we mention? The mosques in Malaysia are simply beautiful. Some even float on the water!


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Plus, you can also find prayer rooms (we call it ‘Surau’) in the shopping malls and at the Rest and Service areas on the highway. These top-notch facilities will make your halal honeymoon experience a memorable one!


#4 – Large Muslims Population


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Need another reason to have a splendid halal honeymoon in Malaysia? The people itself! About 60% of the Malaysia population are Muslims, which explains why it is very easy to find Halal meat and mosques in this country.


They are also very friendly. They love to entertain their guests. If you worry about communication, fret no more. Most of them are fluent in English.


#5 – Affordable Five-Star Hotels


The honeymoon is the best time to splurge on hotels. If you choose Malaysia, you do not have to break your bank while at that.


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You can enjoy your stay at the luxurious five-star hotel for as low as $50 at Seri Pacific and up to $200 at the St. Regis Kuala Lumpur.


#6 – Hip and Wallet-Friendly Budget Hotels


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If backpacking trip is more your style, you can still enjoy your honeymoon with your wife by staying the fully-facilitated budget hotels. They are super cheap – as low as $16 per night.


Even with the humble one-star or two-star status, you will still find a comfortable bed, clean bathroom, and delicious breakfast.


#7 – Dreaming of a Romantic Stroll on the Beach? Malaysia has Some of the Best Beaches!


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Okay, we understand. No honeymoon is complete without a romantic stroll on the beach while watching the sunrise or sunset.


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So, we have prepared for you another top reason why your halal honeymoon should be in Malaysia – the gorgeous islands, pristine beach, beautiful marine life, great weather and top-notch resorts. Need us to say more?


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Langkawi, Redang, Tioman, Pangkor Laut, Perhentian, Rawa, Semporna, and Sipadan are some of the best islands in Malaysia.


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You can swim, snorkel, dive, or simply lounge on the beach all day long. And, there will always be halal meals for you to enjoy – we promise!


#8 – Bikini on the Beach? Frowned Upon! Public Nudity – Prohibited!


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If you are not convinced yet, here is the reason that would seal the deal. Malaysia is very Muslim-friendly.


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You might find it disturbing to walk on the beach with naked tourists lying under the sun. You will not find this scenery at all in this country. In fact, it is forbidden by law.


#9 – Countless Honeymoon Packages at Your Disposal


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Last but not least, there are always halal honeymoon packages for you to select during your trip to Malaysia. A romantic dinner for two by the beach, perhaps?


And, if you are lucky, you might find sprinkled rose petals on the bed, which would set the right mood for your honeymoon.


So, what are you waiting for? Book your flight ticket today and have a pleasant Halal honeymoon trip in Malaysia!

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