7 Ideal Places to Stay in Marrakech for Muslim Travellers

Private Villa for Muslims in Marrakech

7 Ideal Places to Stay in Marrakech for Muslim Travellers

There are many great places to spend your holiday in Marrakech, especially, if you are a Muslim traveller. It is not difficult to find a comfortable place with all the luxuries in this city especially with the help of our Marrakech travel guide. However, you are required to know hotels and Airbnb villas to get to know the right spot. So, if your aim is to enjoy the holidays, learn a bit of Islamic history and eat mouth-watering halal food in the city, then here are 7 best places to stay in Marrakech for Muslim travellers, which will make your halal friendly holiday an unforgettable one.


Barcelo Palmeraie, previously known as Pullman Marrakech

Pullman Marrakech for Muslim Travellers

Barcelo Palmeraie is known for its beautiful spa and it is one of the famous resorts in old Marrakech. The hotel is surrounded by beautiful olive and palm trees along with a lovely pool, which ensures relaxing Muslim holidays. With cozy bedrooms to amicable staff, you get everything you ever wished for. Moreover, you will find plenty of Muslim tourists coming from different parts of the world to see all of the beautiful places to see in Marrakech. One of the reasons why this hotel is a favourite spot for Muslim travellers is because it offers all the delights according to Islamic culture. So, when you are here, you can enjoy every meal because it’s entirely halal.


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Francoise’s 3 Bed Riad – Airbnb, Marrakech

Private Villa for Muslims in Marrakech

Sometimes all you want to do is spend your holidays in a quiet and calm place where you can enjoy every minute with your family or friends. Undoubtedly, hotels do have many facilities, but enjoying your holidays in a private atmosphere has its own charm. So, how about living in a Riad when you are in Marrakech? Getting the best out of your holidays becomes possible when you feel comfy 24/7. And to make this possible, Francoise’s 3 Bedroom Riad is a perfect place to stay in Marrakech. The entire house has the capacity to welcome 7 guests, which can be accommodated on 7 beds divided into 3 bedrooms. The house is comprised of 3 baths along with a private pool that you will surely be going to love it. The Riad also includes a kitchen, friendly workspace and WiFi facility.


Christel’s 4 Bed Riad – Airbnb, Marrakech

Private Villas in Marrakech

This Riad showcases a traditional Moroccan house and this one is magnificent from every aspect. With a safe environment and impressive construction, Christel’s Riad is one of the perfect private places to stay in Marrakech. The house offers 4 bedrooms with a total of 6 beds including 4 baths. The host can allow a maximum of 8 guests. So, if you are coming to this city with your whole family, then this lovely Riad is a wonderful spot to unwind. What amenities can you enjoy here? Despite a private pool placed in the centre of the premises, you can cook your favourite halal food in the kitchen. WiFi availability is round the clock. Furthermore, you can enjoy separate office in case you want to catch up with your emails.


Four Seasons Resort – Marrakech

Halal Friendly Holiday Resort in Marrakech Morocco

If a hotel is what you seek, then the Four Seasons Resort is also a great spot to cherish your holidays in Marrakech. The resort offers regular rooms and luxury suites for all the guests. However, if you really wish to get the most out of your vacations, then you better go for the villas. The reason why Muslim travellers prefer staying in the villa is because of the exceptional services and the private pool. The resort allows a maximum of 3 adults and 2 children. And it includes a beautiful full-marble bathroom with heated private pool and direct access to the garden.


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Les Deux Tours – Marrakech

Muslim friendly private pool villa in Marrakech

Les Deux Tours is a hotel with 7 suites that feature private pools and Jacuzzi. The pool suites are especially designed by keeping in mind the construction of a Moroccan Riad. The suites are totally spacious and provide satisfaction when it comes to privacy. So, as a Muslim traveller, if you desire to stay in a hotel with a private pool and lots of other facilities, then this is the right place. Apart from the private pools, the “Exceptional Suites” of this resort offer several amenities, such as a separate living room, private garden, central air conditioning, and heating and spacious bathrooms.


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Amanjena – Marrakech

Amanjena Halal Resort in Marrakech

Amanjena is a year-round hotel for Muslim travellers. In fact, it is one of the most favoured destinations for private celebrations, honeymoon and family vacations in the entire Marrakech. This resort is built on 15 acres of land and it is also 20-minutes away from the airport. The hotel includes great places for dining and wellness. Also, the suites are comprised of private pools with clean and warm water. When you are here, you also get the opportunity to get direct access to the Amelkis Golf course. So, it is a great place to enjoy your holidays as a Muslim traveller.


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Mehdi’s 1 Bedroom Riad – Airbnb, Marrakech


Halal friend 1 bedroom Riad in Marrakech morocco


If you’re looking for something smaller and more cosy for just the two of you then Mehdi’s Riad is a 1 bed riad that could be your favourite place to stay in Marrakech as a Muslim traveller. The Riad comes with 1 private bath and a beautiful indoor pool. The house represents a classic look with all the essential amenities and attractions nearby. The venue is open for maximum of 2 guests to check-in, which ensures perfect a honeymoon for Muslim couples.

There you have it! These 7 best places to stay in Marrakech are flawless for Muslim travellers. You can enjoy the halal cuisines, perform all the Islamic obligations without any interference and make some marvellous memories with your Muslim friends, partner and family members.

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